Act Of Denial: Negative-2021.

Act Of Denial:Melodic Death Metal from Croatia. Discography: Puzzle HeartSingle2020 ControlledSingle2020 Down That LineSingle2020 SlaveSingle2021 Your Dark DesiresSingle2021 NegativeFull-length2021 Steve Di GiorgioBass (2020-present)See also: Charred Walls of the Damned, Futures End, Geoda, Gone in April, Itself, Johnny Newman, Mythodea, Spirits of… Read more "Act Of Denial: Negative-2021."

Revolution Within: Chaos-2020.

Revolution Within:Thrash Groove Metal from Portugal. Discography: CollisionFull-length2009 Straight from WithinFull-length2012 AnnihilationFull-length2016 A Decade from WithinBoxed set2016 ChaosFull-length2020 MatadorGuitars (2005-present)RaçaVocals (2005-present)See also: ex-Gates of HellAdrianoGuitars (2012-2018, 2019-present)See also: ex-DamnullTozéDrums (2018-present)ManuBass (2019-present)See also: ex-Damnull Past Members: SonoBass (2005-2014)PrataDrums (2005-2008)FasterGuitars (2005-2011)ShaqDrums (2009-2018)See…… Read more “Revolution Within: Chaos-2020.”

4Arm: Submission For Liberty-2012.

4Arm:Thrash Groove Metal from Melbourne, Australia. Discography: 13 ScarsFull-length2005 The Empires of DeathFull-length2010CarnalSingle2010 Submission for LibertyFull-length2012SurvivalistFull-length2015 Andy HinterreiterBassMichael VafiotisDrumsEvan KGuitarsSee also: Evan, Mystic Prophecy, ex-Okeania, ex-Decembria, ex-Izar, Enemy Inside, ex-CypecoreMarkus JohanssonVocals,…… Read more “4Arm: Submission For Liberty-2012.”

Magnetic Storm: My Own War-2021.

Magnetic Storm:Melodic Death Groove Metal from Russia. Discography: Начальный этапFull-length2013 HeadshotEP2015 The Unwanted OneSingle2016 Ace of SpadesSingle2017 Hate Will Save the WorldFull-length2017 Russian HooligansSingle2018 My Own WarFull-length2021  Anton ChurilinBass (2011-present)See also: ex-ПослеМрак, ex-RiserAlexander KolganovDrums (2014-present)See…… Read more “Magnetic Storm: My Own War-2021.”

Primal Attack: Heartless Oppressor-2017.

Primal Attack:Thrash Groove Metal from Lisbon, Portugal. Discography: HumansFull-length2013 Heartless OppressorFull-length2017 MirandaBass (2012-present)MikeDrums (2012-present)See also: ex-AntraciteMiguelGuitars (lead) (2012-present)See also: ex-Analepsy (live)TiagoGuitars (rhythm) (2012-present)See also: Spoiled Fiction, ex-HemptylogicPicaVocals (2012-present)See also: Seven Stitches, Spoiled Fiction

Death Preacher: Darklands-2017.

Death Preacher:Thrash Groove Metal from Columbia, Canada. Discography: DarklandsEP2017 Michael WatsonDrumsBrad WatsonGuitars (lead)Colton HessionGuitars (rhythm)See also: Param-Nesia, Thousand ArrowsTrevor McBrideVocals, Bass (2015-present) Past Members: Spencer McIntoshBassSee also: Truent, ex-Param-Nesia