James Murphy: Convergence-1996.

James Franklin Murphy is an American guitarist, best known for having been a member of the bands Death , Obituary, and Testament . He has released several albums of his solo project, which bears his name. James also founded the death metal band Disincarnate in 1992. In 2001 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, from which he quickly recovered. He is currently working on a tribute album to Chuck Schuldiner , founder of the band Death, who died of pneumonia, due to complications in the treatment of a brain tumor. James Murphy is also a producer for the band World Under Blood., which is a project of Deron Miller, the CKY guitarist, as well as having produced the recent works of Dååth ( The Hinderers ) and Lazarus AD’s debut album , The Onslaught , released through Roadrunner Records and Metal. Blade Records respectively.

Murphy is also a music producer, in addition to being a guitarist, and usually works at SafeHouse Production, where work for many bands is produced. Murphy also contributes to some guitar learning magazines with some lessons.








  • Weed out the Weak
  • The Freakshow
  • Come Down Cold
  • Nothing is sacred

In solitary

  • Convergence (1996)
  • Feeding the Machine (1999)

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James Murphy
Guitars, Keyboards (1995-?)
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Steve DiGiorgioBass
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Deen CastronovoDrums
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James MurphyGuitars, Songwriting (tracks 1-5, 7-9), Lyrics (track 5)
Brad RussellBass
Deen CastronovoDrums