HammerFall: Chapter V- Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken-2005.

Hammerfall:Power Heavy Metal from Sweden.


Glory to the BraveSingle1997
Glory to the BraveFull-length1997
Heeding the CallSingle1998 
Legacy of KingsFull-length1998
On TourSplit1999 
The First CrusadeVideo1999 
I Want OutSingle1999
I Want Out / Hunting High and LowSplit2000 
Always Will BeSingle2001 
The Templar Renegade CrusadesEP2002 
The Templar Renegade CrusadesVideo2002 
Hearts on FireSingle2002
Crimson ThunderFull-length2002
Hearts on FireVideo2002 
One Crimson NightLive album2003
One Crimson NightVideo2003
Blood BoundSingle2005 
Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, UnbrokenFull-length2005
HammerFall / I / Belphegor SamplerSplit2006 
The Fire Burns ForeverSingle2006 
Natural HighSingle2006 
Last Man StandingSingle2007 
Steel Meets Steel – Ten Years of GloryCompilation2007
The Vinyl Single CollectionBoxed set2008 
Rebels with a Cause – Unruly, Unrestrained, UninhibitedVideo2008 
Any Means NecessarySingle2009 
Any Means NecessaryEP2009 
No Sacrifice, No VictoryFull-length2009
My SharonaSingle2010 
One More TimeSingle2011 
Send Me a SignSingle2011 
U.D.O.: Celebrator (Rare Tracks)Split2012 
Gates of DalhallaVideo2012 
Hector’s HymnSingle2014 
Sabaton & HammerFall: Metal MonstersSplit2014 
Hammer HighSingle2016 
Built to LastFull-length2016
The Vinyl CollectionBoxed set2017 
(We Make) Sweden RockSingle2019 
Second to OneSingle2020 
Live! Against the WorldLive album2020
Hammer Of DawnSingle2021 
Hammer of DawnFull-length2022


Oscar DronjakGuitars (1993-present)
See also: Ceremonial Oath, ex-Crystal Age, ex-Desecrator, ex-The Hippie Killers
Fredrik LarssonBass (1994-1997, 2007-present)
See also: Death Destruction, ex-Crystal Age, ex-None, ex-Cans, ex-Evergrey
Joacim CansVocals (1996-present)
See also: ex-Mrs. Hippie, ex-Cans, ex-Warlord, ex-Highlander
Pontus NorgrenGuitars (2008-present)
See also: Pänzer, ex-The Ring, ex-Dreams Fall, At the Movies, Talisman, ex-Ludor (live), ex-Great King Rat, ex-Humanimal, ex-Jekyll & Hyde, ex-Pontus Norgren, ex-The Poodles, ex-Zan Clan, ex-Jeff Scott Soto (live)
David WallinDrums (2014-2016, 2017-present)
See also: BlacksmithPain (live), Stormwind, ex-Meduza

Past Members:

Johan LarssonBass (1993-1994)
See also: ex-Carrion Carnage, ex-Purgamentum, ex-In Flames, ex-Carnal Grief, ex-Powerpig
Jesper StrömbladDrums (1993-1997)
See also: Ceremonial OathCyhraDimension Zero, ex-Desecrator, The Halo Effect, ex-In Flames, ex-Nightrage (live), ex-Sinergy, ex-The Resistance, ex-All Ends
Niklas SundinGuitars (1993-1995)
See also: Mitochondrial Sun, ex-Laethora, ex-Septic Broiler, ex-Dark Tranquillity, ex-Dead Man’s Banquet
Mikael StanneVocals (1993-1996)
See also: Dark TranquillityGrand Cadaver, ex-Septic Broiler, The Halo Effect, ex-In Flames (live)
Glenn LjungströmGuitars (1995-1997)
See also: ex-Dimension Zero, ex-In Flames, ex-The Resistance
Magnus RosénBass (1997-2007)
See also: BleckhornShadowsideTony MartinPlanet Alliance, ex-Keegan, ex-Revolution Renaissance, ex-X-World/5, Magnus Rosén, ex-Avalanch, ex-Jorn, ex-Geisha, ex-Fullforce, ex-Billionaires Boys Club, ex-Von Rosen
Patrik RäflingDrums (1997-1999)
See also: ex-Full Strike, ex-Heed, ex-Mega Slaughter, ex-Aeon, ex-Jaggernaut, ex-Highlander
Stefan ElmgrenGuitars (1997-2008)
See also: ex-Full Strike, ex-Cans, ex-Fullforce, ex-Highlander
Anders JohanssonDrums (1999-2014)
See also: BakteriaManowarHulkoff (live), Planet Alliance, ex-Johansson, ex-Fullforce, ex-Strokkur, Tungsten, ex-Oxidize, ex-Silver Mountain, ex-Stratovarius, ex-Tears of Anger, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Keegan, ex-Aces High, ex-Art Metal, ex-Billionaires Boys Club, ex-Blue Murder, ex-GEFF, ex-Grand Slam, ex-Hickory Heads, ex-Jens Johansson, ex-Mansson, ex-Mindcrime, ex-Snake Charmer
Johan KullbergDrums (2016-2017)
See also: Wolf, ex-Scudiero, ex-Animal, ex-Lion’s Share, ex-Section A, ex-Therion, ex-Chris Laney, ex-Frontiers, ex-Silent Knight, ex-Talk of the Town, ex-Zan Clan

Timeless Miracle: Into The Enchanted Chamber-2005.

Timeless Miracle:Melodic Power Metal from Sweden.


Into the Enchanted ChamberFull-length2005
Fredrik Nilsson
Keyboards, Guitars (2004-present)
See also: ex-Trapped
Mikael Holst
Vocals, Bass (2004-present)
See also: ex-Trapped
Kim Widfors
Drums (2008-present)
See also: ex-Trapped

Past Members:

Jaime SalazarDrums (2004-2007)
See also: Magnus Karlsson’s Free FallPlanet Alliance, ex-Blakk Totem, ex-Last Tribe, ex-Midnight Sun, ex-Opus Atlantica, ex-Devil’s Heaven, ex-StoneLake, ex-Allen – Lande, ex-Moahni Moahna (live), ex-Karmakanic, ex-The Flower Kings
Sten MöllerGuitars (2004-2007)
1.Curse of the Werewolf07:13  Show lyrics
2.Witches of Black Magic04:24  Show lyrics
3.Into the Enchanted Chamber06:05  Show lyrics
4.The Devil05:28  Show lyrics
5.The Red Rose05:41  Show lyrics
6.A Minor Intermezzo01:20  instrumental
7.Return of the Werewolf04:55  Show lyrics
8.Memories04:13  Show lyrics
9.The Gates of Hell04:21  Show lyrics
10.Down to the Gallows05:45  Show lyrics
11.The Dark Side Forest00:47  Show lyrics
12.The Voyage14:09  Show lyrics