James Murphy: Convergence-1996.

James Franklin Murphy is an American guitarist, best known for having been a member of the bands Death , Obituary, and Testament . He has released several albums of his solo project, which bears his name. James also founded the death metal band Disincarnate in 1992. In 2001 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, from which he quickly recovered. He is currently working on a tribute album to Chuck Schuldiner , founder of the band Death, who died of pneumonia, due to complications in the treatment of a brain tumor. James Murphy is also a producer for the band World Under Blood., which is a project of Deron Miller, the CKY guitarist, as well as having produced the recent works of Dååth ( The Hinderers ) and Lazarus AD’s debut album , The Onslaught , released through Roadrunner Records and Metal. Blade Records respectively.

Murphy is also a music producer, in addition to being a guitarist, and usually works at SafeHouse Production, where work for many bands is produced. Murphy also contributes to some guitar learning magazines with some lessons.








  • Weed out the Weak
  • The Freakshow
  • Come Down Cold
  • Nothing is sacred

In solitary

  • Convergence (1996)
  • Feeding the Machine (1999)

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James Murphy
Guitars, Keyboards (1995-?)
See also: Metal Against CoronavirusTiwanaku, ex-Disincarnate, Living Monstrosity, ex-Cancer, ex-Konkhra, ex-Obituary, ex-Testament, ex-Agent Steel (live), ex-Death, ex-Hallows Eve.

Past Members:

Steve DiGiorgioBass
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Brad RussellBass
Deen CastronovoDrums
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James MurphyGuitars, Songwriting (tracks 1-5, 7-9), Lyrics (track 5)
Brad RussellBass
Deen CastronovoDrums

Top-10: 1996.

Stratovarius:Episode. In Flames:The Jester Race. Theatre Of Tragedy:Velvet Darkness They Fear. Therion:Theli. Satyricon:Nemesis Divina. Rage:Lingua Mortis. Morgana Lefay:Maleficium. Amorphis:Elegy. Pantera:The Great Southern Trendkill.

Zodiac: A Bit Of Devil -2012.


Studio albums

  • A Bit Of Devil (2012)
  1. A Bit Of Devil
  2. Carnival
  3. Blue Jean Blues
  4. Horrorvision
  5. Assembly Line
  6. Thunder
  7. Diamond Shoes
  8. Coming Home
  • A Hiding Place (2013)
  1. Downtown
  2. Free
  3. Underneath My Bed 
  4. Leave Me Blind 
  5. Moonshine 
  6. Believer 
  7. I Wanna Know Part 1 
  8. I Wanna Know Part 2 
  9. Cortez the Killer 
  10. Sleep of the Hollow - Bonus Track
  11. Leave Me Blind - Bonus Track
  • Sonic Child (2014)
  1. Intro: Who I Am
  2. Swinging On The Run 
  3. Sonic Child 
  4. Holding On
  5. Sad song 
  6. Out Of The City
  7. A Penny And A Dead Horse 
  8. Good Times 
  9. Rock Bottom Blues 
  10. Just Music
  11. Not Fragile (Bonus Track)
  12. Shine On (Bonus Track)
      Bonus CD:
   1. Free (Live At Rock Hard Festival 2014)
   2. Cortez The Killer (Live At Rock Hard Festival 2014)
   3. Upon The Stone (From The Demo 2011)
   4. Failure (From The Demo 2011)
  • Grain of Soul (2016)
  1. Rebirth By Fire 
  2. Animal
  3. Follow You
  4. Down 
  5. Faithless
  6. Crow
  7. Ain't Coming Back
  8. Get Out 
  9. Like The Sun
  10. Sinner
  11. Grain Of Soul


  • Zodiac (2011)

Live albums

  • Road Tapes Vol. 1 (2015)
     1. Swinging On The Run	
     2. Free	
     3. Holding On	
     4. Cortez The Killer	
     5. A Bit Of Devil	
     6. Rock Bottom Blues	
     7. Diamond Shoes	
     8. A Penny And A Dead Horse	
     9. Moonshine	
     10. Coming Home

Featuring Nick Van on lead vocals and lead guitar, Stephan Gall on rhythm guitar, Janosch Rathmer on drums and Robert Kahr on bass, Zodiac is a throwback to hard driving 1970’s guitar oriented rock.We are talking Thin Lizzy and ZZ Top mixed with a harder edged Black Country Communion. There are riffs and solos throughout and the songs are written and executed well. What started as a couple of guys jamming in 2010 has turned into a special mix of musicians making classic rock sound fresh once again.Opening songs “A Bit of Devil” starts the show off strongly but it is the cover of ZZ Top’s “Blue Jean Blues” and the downer rock of “Assembly Line” that will get listeners to sit up and take notice. The bonus instrumental, “Dying Done” is a downer rock feast of Led Zeppelin riffage that gets into your musical mind and soul and won’t let go. “Coming Home” is an epic tune that will have you cranking this one up to 11, again and again.This is a well crafted album from beginning to end. The album will be released on October 22nd. Mark that date on your calendar and pick this one up as soon as possible.Bands like Zodiac that do this for the love of the music, and are talented enough to pull off the musical dynamics, and still retain the spirit of great classic hard rock music need to be supported.This one will not disappoint. In fact, it will light a fire under your butt and get you cranking up the stereo like you’re seventeen again.

Zornheym: Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns-2017.


Symphonic Extreme Metal band based in Stockholm – founded and led by multi-instrumental mastermind and songwriter Zorn.

Zornheym quickly grew from an ambitious idea into a dramatic musical and cinematic narrative revolving around the horrors of a mental institution and its prisoners.

Inspiration drawn from icons such as Dissection, Dimmu Borgir and King Diamond is paired with real string orchestration and a powerful full choir. Every song on the debut album will have a visual accompaniment in the form of short graphic stories with further exploration of the themes as short films in place of the standard approach to music videos.

The line-up is completed by Facebreaker’s Bendler on vocals, guitarist and musical arranger Scucca, and Diabolical drummer Angst. The debut album has been recorded at Wing Studios by Sverker Widgren, renowned veteran of sound engineering on the Scandinavian extreme metal scene (October Tide, Demonical, IXXI, Diabolical).


The OpposedSingle2016 
A Silent GodSingle2016 
Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness ReignsFull-length2017
Guitars, Vocals (backing)
See also: Encrowned, ex-Of One Blood
See also: BendlerEngulfing Rage, ex-BackWardness, ex-Hellhog, Wreck, ex-Facebreaker, ex-Scar Symmetry (live)
Guitars (lead), Bass (2014-present)
See also: Aktiv Dödshjälp, ex-Devian, ex-Suicidal Seduction, ex-Dark Funeral
Steve Pygmalion
Drums (2019-present)
See also: ex-Intohimo