Pink Cream 69: One Size Fits All-1991.

After winning the Metal Hammer New Bands Festival in Ludwigsburg , they signed with Sony Music and released their debut album Pink Cream 69 in 1989 , touring as the opening act for White Lion . In 1991 the band toured for the first time in the United States . With One Size Fits All ( 1991 ), their second album, they entered the charts in Germany , Switzerland and Japan . This new work was presented by Europe and Japanon what was their first headlining tour. The following was a three month tour with Europe in 14 countries.

His third album Games People Play (1993) was followed by another German tour. In 1994 Andi Deris left the band to join Helloween and was replaced by British singer David Readman, with whom they would record Change , their fourth album, in Los Angeles , United States with producer Shay Baby. The following year they made another tour with Thunderhead , by then David Readman is already perfectly integrated and accepted by the press and the public. After six years they leave Sony Music . Her fifth album Food For Thought ( 1997) was released by High Gain Records, and in the fall , Live , his first live album, appeared .

The album “Electrified” with two wonderful hits such as Shame and Break the silence with incredible choruses, guitars and melodies, stand out above the rest. Although it includes several songs such as Stranger in time with air to Queensrÿche from “Operation mindcrime”, the title track with its unstoppable rhythm and Readman’s vocal power, in Over the fire it highlights the speed (with the collaboration of Ralf from Primal Fear ), the female choirs in the hard rocker Higher kind of life, the Dokkenian Burn your soul, a clear hit for live performances, in short, quality everywhere and a must-listen album. Two ballads soften the high rhythm and electricity of the album, they are Rocket ride and Gone again where David stands out.

They are one of the best and most creative European hard rock bands. With their album Electrified ( 1998 ) they show their progression in musical competence and creative maturity, and on their tour with Bruce Dickinson , concerts in Japan and South America and their brilliant concert at the Bang Your Head Festival! in Balingen ( Germany ) attest that the band is in its prime.

Electrified (1998) was the strongest album to date, but with Sonic Dynamite 2000 they have surpassed it.

Very worked compositions, with power and good guitars, mixing heavier fast songs with other very interesting mid-times. Great care in the vocal lines, good solos by Alfred Koffler, who stands out for his creativity and his peculiar way of playing since he only uses three fingers of his left hand.

David Readman has a great voice, he has collaborated on albums by Adagio , Place Vendome , Silent Force (he is a good friend of DC Cooper ), with a pleasant timbre and a lot of power, along with Gioeli , Hess , Vaughn , Hansen or Hitchcock of the best in voices within current melodic rock.

It also highlights the work of the bassist, composer and producer Dennis Ward, who among others has produced Axxis , Adagio , Allen / Lande , Bob Catley , Eden’s curse , Blanc faces , House of Lords , [[Voodoo Circle, etc etc .. achieving always a perfect sound.

Andi Deris
Alfred Koffler
Dennis Ward
Kosta Zafiriou