Bad Omens: The Death Of Peace Of Mine-2022.

Bad Omens:Metalcore from United States.


  • Noah Sebastian – lead vocals (2015–present)
  • Joakim Karlsson – vocals, guitar, programming (2015–present)
  • Nicholas Ruffilo – bass, guitar, programming (2015–present)
  • Nick Folio – drums (2015–present)

Past members

  • Vincent Riquier – bass, backing vocals (2015–2018)

Sworn Amongst: Severance-2010.

Sworn Amongst:Thrash Groove Metal from United States.


The Sworn DemoDemo2004 
Mass DestructionEP2004 
Derision of ConformityFull-length2006 
Sworn AmongstEP2006 
And So It BeginsFull-length2008 
Scourge of the OmnipotentEP2014 
Under a Titan SkyFull-length2016 
The CleansingSingle2017 


Jonny HarperDrums
Ashley CurrieGuitars, Vocals
Kieran AgnewBass (2016-2019), Guitars (2019-?)
Darryl JonesVocals (2017-?)
See also: ex-Fall.Out, ex-Colonel Blast, This Is Turin

Past Members:

Wheylan RiviereBass
Rob EllwoodBass, Vocals
James CooperGuitars
Jonny BarkerGuitars (lead)
See also: ex-Punisher
Harvey FoxGuitars (lead)
Andy NapierskiVocals
Liam LiddellVocals, Guitars (2002-2012)
Sy JamesVocals (2012-2017)
See also: Burnt Black Rebellion
James KinnearBass (2019)
See also: This Is Turin, ex-Fall.Out

Tonight We Stand: New World Disorder-2020.

Tonight We Stand:Melodic Metalcore Metal from Italy.

TONIGHT WE STAND is a five piece modern metalcore band out of Venice, Italy. Founded in 2016, they wrote an EP album “Redemption” that showcased their innovative ideas on the modern metal scene. Their talent garnered the attention of Sliptrick Records, which then had them working on the debut album, “New World Disorder.” Characterized by heavy guitar driven melodies, catchy choruses, and a well varied two vocalist attack, “New World Disorder” is a promising addition to the new wave of modern metal music.