Void’s Legion: Awakening The Collapse-2022.

Void’s Legion:Melodic Death Groove Metal from Spain. Discography: Enter the VoidSingle2019 Behold the Human RaceSingle2019 Burning the FoundationSingle2021 DogmaSingle2021 Endless Years of DespairSingle2021 Awakening the CollapseFull-length2022 Members: DyableBassVictorDrumsSee also: PersëphonyBrutal MikeGuitarsEmeGuitars (rhythm)Carlos GarcíaVocalsSee…… Read more “Void’s Legion: Awakening The Collapse-2022.”

Mors Principium Est: Liberate The Unborn Inhumanity-2022.

Mors Principium Est:Melodic Death Metal from Finland. Members: Jarkko KokkoGuitars (1999-2009, 2021-present)See also: Arc Spectra, ex-MemoiraJori HaukioGuitars, Programming (1999-2006), Guitars (2021-present)See also: ex-Depressed ModeVille ViljanenVocals (2000-present)Teemu HeinolaBass (2001-2020, 2021-present)See also: Arc Spectra, Depressed Mode, ex-Repent.Marko…… Read more “Mors Principium Est: Liberate The Unborn Inhumanity-2022.”

Arkaik: Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts-2022.

Arkaik Technical Death Metal from United States. Discography: The Divine ManifestationEP2006 Existential ChaosFull-length2007 Reflections Within DissonanceFull-length2010MetamorphignitionFull-length2012Lucid DawnFull-length2015NemethiaFull-length2017Supernal FlameSingle2019 Labyrinth of Hungry GhostsFull-length2022  Members: Jared ChristiansonVocals (2004-present)Miguel EsparzaGuitars (2014-2016, 2021-present)See also: Descensum, ex-Suffokate, ex-HatriotNathan…… Read more “Arkaik: Labyrinth Of Hungry Ghosts-2022.”

Nightshade: Sounds Of Dark Matter-2021.

Nightshade:Melodic Death Metal Discography: Andromeda's HeartDemo1999 GalaxiesDemo2000 Nebula TranceFull-length2001 Trance MissionVideo2001 WiredEP2003 ElektribeDemo2004 PulsarsSingle2020 Sounds of Dark MatterFull-length2021  Members: TomGuitars, Programming (1998-2005), Guitars, Bass, Programming (2020-present)See also: ex-3 Days of Silence, ex-XiconDaveVocals (1998-2005, 2020-present)See also: 3 Days of… Read more "Nightshade: Sounds Of Dark Matter-2021."

Ascend The Hollow: Echoes Of Existence-2019.

Ascend The Hollow:Melodic Death Metal from Germany. Discography: Prisoners of the StormSingle2019 Echoes of ExistenceFull-length2019Sea of CrisesSingle2019 VesselsSingle2019 Swarms WithinSingle2019 Polaris CallingSingle2020 Mein TeilSingle2020 Sweet Harmony (The Beloved cover)Single2021 Members: STVNDrums (2019-present)See also: Selfmachine, ex-Seven… Read more "Ascend The Hollow: Echoes Of Existence-2019."

Erciyes Fragment: Apostasy Via Vitale-2021.

Erciyes Fragment: Symphonic Melodic Death Metal from United States. Discography: Culpable DeceitSingle2017 Ascend, AntediluvianEP2018 CoulrophobiconSingle2019 Apostasy Via VitaeEP2020 Apostasy Via VitaeEP2021 Members: Peter OrtizBassSee also: ex-Portraits of MurderChris LunaDrumsScottie RuizGuitarsKevin ChiliquingaGuitars… Read more "Erciyes Fragment: Apostasy Via Vitale-2021."