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The Halo Effect: Days Of The Lost-2022.

The Halo Effect:Melodic Death Metal from Sweden. Discography: ShadowmindsSingle20211 (80%)Feel What I BelieveSingle2022 Days of the LostSingle20221 (85%)The Needless EndSingle2022 Days of the LostFull-length20221 (35%) Peter IwersBass (2021-present)See also: Fleetburner, ex-Cyhra, ex-In Flames, ex-Mrs. Hippie (live), ex-ChameleonDaniel SvenssonDrums (2021-present)See also: ex-Sacrilege, ex-In Flames, ex-DiaboliqueJesper StrömbladGuitars (2021-present)See also: Ceremonial Oath, Cyhra, Dimension Zero, ex-Desecrator, ex-HammerFall, ex-In Flames, ex-Nightrage (live), ex-Sinergy, ex-The Resistance, ex-All EndsNiclas EngelinGuitars (2021-present)See also: We Sell […]

Abattoir: The Only Safe Place-80’s-1986.

Abattoir:Power Speed Metal from United States. Discography: Original AbattoirDemo1983 Screams from the GraveDemo1983 The Game of Death / Stronger than EvilSingle1984 Vicious AttackFull-length19854 (85%)The Only Safe PlaceFull-length19865 (72%)Demo 1987Demo1987 Demo 2000Demo2000 No Sleep ’til Kalamazoo – Live!Live album2001 From the AshesDemo20041 (80%) Mark ‘The Shark’ CaroGuitars (1982-1987, 1998-2005, 2008-?, 2018-2019)See also: Shark, ex-EvildeadSteve GainesVocals (1984-1985, 1998-2005, 2008-2009, 2018-2019), Bass (1998-2005)See also: Anger as Art, ex-Pagan […]

Leatherwolf: Street Ready-80’s-1989.

Leatherwolf:Heavy Power Metal from United States. Discography: LeatherwolfFull-length19841 (88%)LeatherwolfEP19841 (92%)Cry OutSingle1987 The CallingSingle1987 LeatherwolfFull-length19872 (91%)HideawaySingle19891 (90%)Street ReadyFull-length19894 (94%)Wide OpenLive album19991 (80%)LiveEP1999 Demo ’02Demo2002 Demo ’03Demo2003 Demo ’04Demo20041 (41%)World AsylumFull-length20061 (82%)New World AsylumFull-length2007 Unchained LiveLive album2013 The HenchmenSingle2019 Hit the DirtSingle2022  Dean RobertsDrums (1981-1990, 1999-present)See also: ex-The Rod SquadGeoff GayerGuitars (1981-2007, 2019-present)See also: Witch, ex-HailmaryPaul CarmanBass (1987-2005, 2010-2011, 2019-present)Rob MathGuitars (2011-present)See also: Lightning StrikesKeith AdamiakVocals (2019-present)See also: Ninja Gandhi Past Members: Marco […]

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