Leather: We Are The Chosen-2022.

Leather:Heavy Metal from United States.


Shock WavesFull-length19892 (81%)
IIFull-length20181 (81%)
We Take Back ControlSingle2022 
We Are the ChosenFull-length2022 


Leather LeoneVocals
See also: Chastain, ex-Sledge Leather, Leather Leone, ex-Malibu Barbi, ex-Rude Girl
Thiago VelasquezBass (2016-present)
See also: PainsideRob Rock (live), ex-Tribuzy (live), ex-Statik Majik
Braulio AzambujaDrums (2016-present)
See also: Dorsal AtlânticaIncognosciVulgarRob Rock (live), Avec Tristesse, ex-Diva, Siriun, ex-Gutted Souls, ex-Kahanka, ex-Syren, ex-Paul Di’Anno (live), ex-Unearthly, ex-Abstratus, ex-Magistra, ex-Mama Feet
Vinnie TexGuitars (2016-present)
See also: Rob Rock (live), Viking Throne, ex-Endless War, ex-Paul Di’Anno (live), ex-Horned God, ex-Unearthly, ex-Repugnant Gore, ex-Sentença
Marcel “Daemon” RossGuitars (2016-present)
See also: Rob Rock (live), Tony Martin (live), Mistrust, ex-Neutralis, ex-Imago Mortis, ex-Painside, ex-Prophecy

Past Members:

David HarbourBass
See also: ex-Counterpoint, ex-Manta Ray, ex-Chastain, ex-David T. Chastain, ex-King Diamond, ex-Equimanthorn, ex-David Harbour, ex-Leather Leone, ex-Uncle Festre
John Luke HebertDrums
See also: ex-Manta Ray, ex-Chastain, ex-King Diamond
Michael HarrisGuitars
See also: DarkologyMichael HarrisThought ChamberArch Rival, ex-Counterpoint, ex-Surgeon, ex-Zanister, The Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion, ex-Vitalij Kuprij

Track List:

1.We Take Back Control04:49  Show lyrics
2.Always Been Evil04:06 
4.Off with Your Head05:17 
5.We Are the Chosen05:27  Show lyrics
7.Hallowed Ground06:56 
8.Dark Days03:41 
9.Who Rules the World05:09  Show lyrics
10.The Glory in the End03:26 

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