High Command: Eclipse Of The Dual Moons-2022.

High Command:Thrash Crossover Metal from United States.


The Secartha DemosDemo20161 (85%)
The Primordial VoidEP20181 (85%)
Beyond the Wall of DesolationFull-length20191 (82%)
Everlasting TormentEP20201 (97%)
Eclipse of the Dual MoonsFull-length2022 


Chris BergBass
See also: Ancient Power, ex-Seax
Ryan McArdleGuitars
Kevin FitzgeraldVocals
Ryan PitzDrums (2017-present)

Past Members:

See also: ex-Fuming Mouth

Track List:

1.Eclipse of the Dual Moons03:47 
2.Immortal Savagery05:02 
3.Imposing Hammers of Cold Sorcery07:39 
4.Omniscient Flail of Infamy05:11 
5.Fortified by Bloodshed05:52 
6.Chamber of Agony05:19 
7.Siege Warfare03:32 
8.Spires of Secartha11:58 

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