Mechanical Man: Alter Ego-2022.

Mechanical Man:Proggressive Metal Rock from Russia.


White OutEP2013 
Mechanical ManSingle2015 
Right NowEP2015 
Mechanical ManFull-length2015 
The Noise of Your SilenceEP2020 
Under the DomeEP2020 
Alter EgoFull-length2022 


Alexander LitoshenkoBass (2012-present)
See also: ex-Loreleya
Vitaliy OstrovenkoDrums (2012-present)
Sergey DanilovGuitars (2012-present)
Alexey EfimovVocals (2012-present)
Evgeny KomarovKeyboards (2014-present)
See also: ex-Evgenica, ex-Гран-Куражъ, ex-Santa Maria, ex-Papa’s Band

Track List:

1.Under the Dome04:43 
2.Another Slave03:58 
3.True Lies04:13 
4.Wonderful World04:44 
5.Alter Ego04:38 
6.White Out04:42 
7.I’m Your Nightmare04:04 
8.Mechanical Man04:17 
9.House Of Cards05:28 
10.Ordinary World04:22 
11.Final Grain Of Sand04:55 
12.The End05:14 

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