Sleeper Ship: The Gateway-2022.

Sleeper Ship:Proggressive Power Metal from Canada.


Ride AwaySingle2021 
Wasting LoveSingle2022 
The GatewayEP2022


Andrew SaundersEverything (2016-present)
See also: Unleash the Archers, ex-Archon Legion, ex-Gremory, ex-Golgotha, ex-Mother Died Today, ex-Åsane, ex-November Witch (Ozzy Osbourne tribute), ex-Robot Metropolis, ex-Stetson Road (live)

Track List:

1.Main Sequence02:17 
2.The Traveller05:27 
3.Human Nature08:12 
4.The Gateway05:30 
5.The End07:22 

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