Stormruler: Sacred Rites & Black Magick-2022.

Stormruler:Black Metal from United States.


Under the Burning EclipseFull-length20211 (80%)
Sacred Rites & Black MagickFull-length20221 (55%)


Jesse SchobelDrums
See also: Cast the StoneLegendOracle, ex-Absala, Clenched Fist, Rising Earth, ex-Scour
Jason AsberryVocals, Guitars
See also: BastardHarkonin, ex-Absala, Faustian Nihilist, ex-Fister (live), ex-Brokeneck

Track List:

1.Hymns of the Slumbering Race01:07 
2.Internal Fulmination of the Grand Deceivers07:22 
3.Adrift Dark Halls of Vinheim00:54 
4.To Bear the Twin Faces of the Dragon05:02 
5.In Light of Paleblood00:50 
6.Entranced Within the Moon Presence06:21 
7.Invocation of the Black Sacrament00:51 
8.Sacred Rites & Black Magick05:18  Show lyrics
10.Ten Heralds, Ten Desolations03:43 
11.The Waters of Iolamita00:58 
12.In the Shaded Vlasian Forest05:49 
13.Amid a Smear of Crimson Cloud01:04 
14.Apparitions Across the Ravencrest07:43 
15.Sanguinare Vampiris00:56 
16.Upon Frozen Shores06:37 
17.Shadow of the Golden Eagle00:46 
18.Along the Appian Way08:00 
19.By Winters Long Passed01:29 
20.A Malice Dead & Cold08:48 

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