Iron Allies: Blood In Blood Out-2022.

Iron Allies:Heavy Metal from Germany.


Full of SurprisesSingle2022 
Blood in Blood OutSingle2022 
Blood In Blood OutFull-length2022


Malte BurkertBass
See also: David ReeceVictory, ex-Exotoxis
Francesco JovinoDrums
See also: David ReeceJorn, Vanishing Signs, Voodoo Circle, ex-Edge of Forever, ex-Primal Fear, ex-Sinner, ex-Sunstorm, ex-U.D.O., ex-Hardline
Herman FrankGuitars
See also: Herman FrankVictory, ex-Hazzard, ex-Moon’Doc, ex-Poison Sun, ex-Accept, ex-Pänzer, ex-Sinner, ex-The Element
Michael PesinGuitars
See also: Herman FrankMagistariumThomsenVictory
David ReeceVocals
See also: David ReeceGypsy RoseJohn SteelWicked Sensation, ex-Sircle of Silence, Ez Livin’, Reece-Kronlund, ex-Accept, ex-Bonfire, ex-Malice, ex-PowerWorld, ex-Stream, ex-Bangalore Choir, ex-Dare Force, ex-Dutch Courage, ex-Reece, ex-Sacred Child, ex-Sainted Sinners, ex-Tango Down

Past Members:

Don Van StavernBass
See also: Riot V, ex-Narita, ex-S.A. Slayer, Pitbull Daycare, The Devil’s Jukebox, ex-Evil United, ex-Crimson Storm, ex-Jack Ruby, ex-Mark Reale Project, ex-Seance

Track List:

1.Full of Surprises04:35 
2.Blood In Blood Out05:03 
3.Destroyers of the Night04:45  Show lyrics
4.Fear No Evil03:51 
5.Evil the Gun03:40 
6.Martyrs Burn05:23 
7.Blood on the Land04:39 
8.Nightmares in My Mind05:07 
9.Selling Out03:21 
11.Truth Never Mattered03:32 
12.We Are Legend (You and I)03:47 

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