James LaBrie: Beautiful Shade Of Grey-2022.

James LaBrie:Proggressive Metal from Canada.


Elements of PersuasionFull-length20054 (36%)
Prime CutsSplit2008 
Static ImpulseFull-length20102 (73%)
Impermanent ResonanceFull-length20133 (85%)
I Will Not BreakEP20141 (10%)
Discovering James LaBrieBoxed set2015 
Devil in DragSingle2022 
Give and TakeSingle2022 
Am I RightSingle2022 
Beautiful Shade of GreyFull-length20222 (79%)


Marco SfogliGuitars (lead) (2005-present)
See also: Creation’s EndIceFish, ex-Mullmuzzler, Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM), ex-Nathan Frost
James LaBrieVocals (2005-present)
See also: Dream Theater, ex-Mullmuzzler, True Symphonic Rockestra, ex-Frameshift, ex-Coney Hatch, ex-Nightmare Cinema, ex-Winter Rose
Chance LaBrieDrums (2020-present)
See also: Falset
Paul LogueGuitars (rhythm), Bass (2020-present)
See also: Eden’s Curse
Christian PulkkinenKeyboards (2020-present)
See also: AdamantraEden’s CurseSimulacrum, ex-Chrism, ex-Epicrenel, ex-Iron Sphere, True Cult Club

Past Members:

Bryan BellerBass (2005)
See also: Brendon Small’s GalaktikonDethklok, ex-Ephel Duath, ex-Mullmuzzler, Mike Keneally Band, Steve Vai, The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani (live)
Mike ManginiDrums (2005)
See also: Dream Theater, ex-Mullmuzzler, ex-Annihilator, ex-John Petrucci (live), ex-Stygia, ex-Extreme, ex-Steve Vai
Matt GuilloryKeyboards, Vocals (backing) (2005-2020)
See also: Beyond the KatakombEumeria, ex-Dali’s Dilemma, ex-Mullmuzzler, ex-Zero Hour, ex-John West, ex-Magellan, ex-UFO
Ray RiendeauBass (2010-2020)
See also: ex-Halford, ex-Dirty Blonde, ex-Two
Peter WildoerDrums, Vocals (harsh) (2010-2020)
See also: Darkane, ex-Agretator, ex-Gardens of Obscurity, ex-Majestic, ex-Silver Seraph, ex-Zaninez, ex-Non-Human Level, ex-Demise, Electrocution 250, ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Pestilence, ex-Soilwork (live), ex-Armageddon, ex-Time Requiem

Track List:

1.Devil in Drag05:37 
2.SuperNova Girl04:22 
3.Give and Take04:44 
4.Sunset Ruin05:10 
5.Hit Me like a Brick03:22 
7.Conscience Calling00:48 
8.What I Missed04:53 
9.Am I Right05:52 
10.Ramble On (Led Zeppelin cover)04:55  Show lyrics
11.Devil in Drag (Electric Version) 04:34 

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