Love And War: Edge Of The War-2020.

Love And War:Melodic Heavy Metal from United States.

Love And War - Edge Of The World

Love And War
Edge Of The World

2020 Raised On Rock Records
studio album
9 tracks
Release date: February 3, 2020

Track listing

1. We All Fall Down 4:05 2. Start Believin’ 5:01 3. Mercenary Man 4:05 4. Edge Of The World 4:06 5. Psycho Ride 3:16 6. Final Destination 4:02 7. Strange Kind Of Medicine 4:11 8. Sidewards Flight 3:36 9. Southside Johnny 4:37 Total running time: 36:00


Jeff Vandenberghe (lv) John Adams (lg, v) Ray Soliz (b) Donnie Bragg (d)


Studio album #2 Love And War was initially formed in early 2000 when guitarist/songwriter John Adams and vocalist Jeff Vandenberghe met to do a reunion of their former band. The duo has been writing music, performing and touring together since 1982 and after rehearsals and fueled by an interest to write new songs together again, they decided to join up in a brand-new musical outfit. Guitarist John Adams says: “Me and Jeff have always clicked when writing together, so immediately we knew that the time was right to form a band and play once again.” The duo was later joined by drummer Donnie Bragg, who’s hard hitting Bonham style of playing provided the required groove that helped define the band’s massive chest pounding drum sound. With the final addition of bassist Ray Soliz in 2010, the backbone of the band was complete. Love And War’s goal is very simple: deliver melodic hard rock to the legions of fans hungry for this style of music. The band has been working hard on the local live circuit creating a major buzz in the Houston, Texas area since releasing their debut album “Up The Annie” in 2012. Love And War has repeatedly opened for numerous national acts passing through the Houston area. What it comes down to it for us, says guitarist John Adams: “We love what we are doing because it comes from the heart, while we showcase our style and creativity together through music as we look forward to sharing it with our loyal fans.”

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