Dream Unending: Song Of Salvation-2022.

Dream Unending:Doom Death Metal International.


Tide Turns EternalFull-length20212 (88%)
Song of SalvationFull-length2022


Justin DeToreDrums, Vocals
See also: Devil’s DareInnumerable FormsSolemn LamentStone DaggerSumerlandsVestal ClaretMind Eraser, ex-Death Evocation, ex-Magic Circle, ex-Taste of Fear, Battle Ruins, Boston Strangler, No Tolerance, ex-Mental, ex-Mentally Challenged, ex-Prisoner Abuse, ex-R’n’R, ex-Righteous Jams, ex-Shot Dead, ex-Soul Swallower, ex-The Rival Mob, ex-World War 4
Derrick VellaGuitars, Bass
See also: Outer HeavenTomb Mold, ex-Great Death, ex-New Armour, ex-Purity Control

Track List:

1.Song of Salvation14:05 
2.Secret Grief05:06 
3.Murmur of Voices02:41 
5.Ecstatic Reign16:03 

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