Ninth Realm: A Fate Unbroken-2022.

Ninth Realm:Thrash Metal from United States.


Exile of the Pit FiendEP2018 
Chaos BringerSingle2019 
Gates of TythorinEP2019 
All Hail TreacheryEP2020 
Ondreis MMXXIIDemo20221 (70%)
A Fate UnbrokenFull-length2022 


Jared HenryBass
Liam McMahonBass, Guitars (lead)
See also: Sulfuric HatredVile RitualVile Tongues, ex-Path to War
Joey BurkeDrums
Nathan MitchellGuitars (rhythm)
Ben HageageVocals

Past Members:

John ShanerGuitars (lead)
Andrew BillekVocals
See also: Choking Sands, ex-Fatal Agent, ex-Path to War

Track List:

1.Gates of Tythorin01:43  instrumental
2.Plea to the Heavens04:29  Show lyrics
3.Witches Choir02:50  Show lyrics
4.Ondreis04:12  Show lyrics
5.Evoke Thy Wrath03:21  Show lyrics
6.Armageddon’s Howl05:16  Show lyrics
7.Burning Wanderer03:37  Show lyrics
8.Eternal Lance03:16  Show lyrics
9.A Fate Unbroken04:38  Show lyrics

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