Dynazty: Final Advent-2022.

Dynazty:Melodic Power Metal from Sweden.


Bring the ThunderFull-length20091 (70%)
This Is My LifeSingle2011 
Knock You DownFull-length2011 
Land of Broken DreamsSingle2012 
Sultans of SinFull-length2012 
Raise Your HandsSingle2012 
RenatusFull-length20141 (88%)
Roar of the UnderdogSingle2016 
The Human ParadoxSingle2016 
Titanic MassFull-length20162 (80%)
Breathe with MeSingle2018 
The GreySingle2018 
FiresignFull-length20183 (77%)
Presence of MindSingle2020 
Heartless MadnessSingle2020 
The Dark DelightFull-length20202 (73%)
Power of WillSingle2021 
Natural Born KillerSingle2022 
The WhiteSingle2022 
Final AdventFull-length2022 


George EggDrums, Vocals (backing) (2007-present)
See also: ParalydiumQFT
Rob Love MagnussonGuitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2007-present)
See also: Crowne, ex-Vindictiv (live)
Nils MolinVocals (2007-present)
See also: Amaranthe, ex-Vindictiv (live)
Mike LavérGuitars (2012-present)
See also: ex-Construcdead
Jonathan OlssonBass, Vocals (backing) (2013-present)
See also: ParalydiumQFTPain (live), ex-Lindemann (live)

Past Members:

Joel Fox ApelgrenBass (2007-2013)
See also: Ztringtroza, ex-Siniestro
John BergGuitars (2007-2009)
See also: Paralydium, ex-Oz (live), ex-Frontiers All Stars

Track List:

1.Power of Will03:53  Show lyrics
2.Advent03:47  Show lyrics
3.Natural Born Killer03:25  Show lyrics
4.Yours04:24  Show lyrics
5.All the Devils Are Here04:13  Show lyrics
6.The White03:49  Show lyrics
7.Instinct04:26  Show lyrics
8.Heart of Darkness04:52  Show lyrics
9.Achilles Heel05:18  Show lyrics
10.Power of Now03:41  Show lyrics

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