Legion: Legionized-2022.

Legion:Thrash Metal from Spain


Lethal LibertyDemo1988 Lethal LibertyFull-length1989 Por la caraEP19901 (67%)Mind TrainingFull-length1990 Labyrinth of ProblemsFull-length19921 (80%)Bag Full of MeatSingle1992 Level YellSingle2022 They Call Me WarSingle2022 LegionizedEP2022 


Jonathan DolcetBass, Vocals (lead) (1987-1994, 2021-present)Quimi MontañésGuitars (1987-1994, 2021-present)See also: Deldrac, ex-Rigor Mortis, ex-TotemMiguel Angel Rodriguez LopezDrums (2021-present)See also: Deldrac, Decade of AggressionToni Rodriguez LopezGuitars (lead) (2021-present)

Past Members:

Pep SeguraDrums (1987-1991)(R.I.P. 2012) See also: ex-TotemKisko MartínezGuitars (1988-1991)Joan Ross LozaDrums (1991-1994)See also: ex-Acció Directa, ex-Space JunxMarc PagésGuitars (1991-1994)See also: ex-100 Slain

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