Blind Illusion: Wrath Of The Gods-2022.

Blind Illusion:Technical Thrash Metal from United States.


1981 DemoDemo1981 First 1983 DemoDemo1983 Second 1983 DemoDemo19832 (78%)Trilogy of TerrorDemo19852 (80%)Blood ShowerDemo19861 (82%)Slow DeathDemo1986 The Sane AsylumFull-length19889 (96%)Psychedelic SymphonyDemo19892 (74%)Demon MasterFull-length20103 (24%)2018EP20191 (70%)The Likewise SessionsSingle2019 Straight as the Crowbar FliesSingle2020 Ultimate Anthology Vol 1: The Likewise SessionsCompilation2021 Wrath of the GodsFull-length20221 (66%)


Marc BiedermannVocals, Guitars, Bass (1978-1992), Vocals, Guitars (2009-present)See also: ex-EuphoriaTom GearsBass (2017-present)Doug PiercyGuitars (2017-present)See also: ex-Control, ex-Anvil Chorus, ex-The Company, ex-Angel Witch, ex-Heathen, ex-Ulysses Siren, ex-Cobra, ex-Delta, ex-Patricide (Ger), ex-Spastik Children, ex-VykingAndy GaleonDrums (2020-present)See also: The Ghost Next Door, ex-Swarm, ex-The Organization, ex-Death Angel, ex-Depressor, ex-Big Shrimp, ex-Smokestack, ex-SpiralArms, ex-The Past, ex-Zumbox

Past Members:

Jorge EichnerBassDave TweedieDrumsBrad GatesVocalsLes ClaypoolBass (1978-1979, 1980-1982, 1986-1988)See also: Duo de Twang, Oysterhead, Primus, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, ex-Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains, ex-Colonel Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, ex-Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel, ex-Les Claypool’s Fancy Band, ex-SausageDavid GodfreyDrums (1978-1979), Vocals (1979-1985)See also: Heathen, ex-Inner Threshold, ex-Defiance, ex-Laughing Dead, ex-EuphoriaAlvin PettyGuitars (1978-1979)Chris OlsenBass (1979-1980)See also: ex-EuphoriaBret Hern (R.I.P. 2018)Drums (1979-1983, 2014)Brian KehoeGuitars (1979-1980, 1983)See also: ex-Jerry Cantrell (live)Keith StewartVocals (1979)See also: ex-Exodus, ex-Darkness, ex-PyramidMark SearleBass (1983), Guitars (1985)Craig MaracichBass (1983)Gene GilsonBass (1983, 1985-1986)See also: ex-TungstenVictor GriffithDrums (1983)Bill TicsonDrums (1983)See also: ex-TrilogyMike MinerDrums (1983-1988)See also: ex-Blizzard, ex-MarauderHans LarsonGuitars (1983)Evan McKaskeyGuitars (1983)(R.I.P. 1989) See also: ex-ExodusBen HeverohKeyboards (1983)See also: ex-Paradox, ex-EuphoriaPat WoodsGuitars, Vocals (1985-1986)See also: Inertia IslandWest Coast Fury, ex-Malicious IntentJohn MarshallGuitars (1986-1987)See also: ex-Metal Church, ex-Metallica (live)Larry LaLondeGuitars (1987-1989)See also: ex-Blizzard, Primus, ex-Possessed, ex-Caca, ex-Corrupted Morals, ex-Marauder, ex-No Forcefield, ex-Serj Tankian and the F.C.C.Wes AndersonDrums (1988-1990)See also: From Hell, ex-S.O.S.A., ex-Yigael’s WallMark StrassburgGuitars (1988-1990)See also: ex-Fatal Sin, ex-Possessed, ex-IndestroySteve MarkusGuitars (1988-1990, 1990-1992)See also: ex-Misery, ex-Sub-ZeroEvan BarnesBass (1989, 1990-1992)See also: ex-Misery, ex-Sub-ZeroVern McElroyBass (1989-1990)See also: ex-Decayed, ex-Heathen, ex-Subliminal Hatred, ex-Groove ToolEric LagoshGuitars (rhythm) (1989)Albert SimmonsDrums (1990-1992)Danny HarcourtBass (2009-2014)Steve JohnsonDrums (2009)Robert NyströmDrums (2009-2014)See also: ex-AftermathEric MeyerGuitars (2009)Harald OimoenBass (2014-2017)See also: ex-Inhalent, Back Stabbath (Black Sabbath tribute), Jesus Crisis, ex-D.R.I., ex-Terminal ShockErik CruzeDrums (2014-2019)See also: ex-Terminal Shock, Sven & the Masterful Orchestra, ex-Baby Snufkin, ex-Budderball, ex-Dopesick, ex-Front Porch Ministry, ex-JL Stiles, ex-Luxxury, ex-Puzzle Fish, ex-Samhain, ex-The Black Pandas, ex-The Crow Eaters, ex-The Fly, ex-The Freak Accident, ex-Third Rail, ex-Virgil CainCal LorenziGuitars (2014-2015)See also: Cursed, ex-His Name Is Robert PaulsonAaron KnudsonGuitars (2015-2017)See also: ex-Terminal Shock, ex-SamhainBrian SchwartzDrums (2019-2020)

Straight as the Crowbar Flies

Slow Death



Wrath of the Gods


Lucifer’s Awakening

Amazing Maniacal Monolith 

No Rest ‘Til Budapest 

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