Ravenous E.H.: Star Raven Mad-Vol. 1-2022.

Ravenous E. H.:Power Metal from Canadá.

Members :

ValaxBass (2016-present)See also: Black Pestilence, ex-Lithica, The MyconidJake WrightGuitars (2016-present)See also: ViathynR. A. VoltaireVocals (2016-present)See also: ex-Sixguns over Tombstone, ex-Villainizer, ex-Death Toll Rising (live), ex-Kobra and the Lotus (live), ex-ShadowbladeDave CrnkovićDrums (2018-present)See also: Black PestilenceViathyn

Announcing our new cover album – Stark Raven Mad vol. 1!

In early 2021 we began a pre-order campaign to raise money for our album ‘Hubris’ and one of the perks was having us cover any song of your choice – here are the songs our fans chose!


  1. Candlemass – Bewitched
  2. Bolt Thrower – For Victory
  3. Ultima Online – Stones
  4. Robert Mitchum – The Ballad of Thunder Road
  5. My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade
  6. Jim Croce – New York’s Not My Home
  7. Neptune Power Federation – Watch Our Masters Bleed
  8. Malukah – Vokul Fen Mah

As well as 3 bonus tracks

  1. Andrea Bocelli – Cakaw te Partiro
  2. Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song
  3. Rush – The Trees

This album will be COMPLETELY FREE – available on our bandcamp page and all music streaming services.

But wait – there’s more!

We will also have PATCHES BACK IN STOCK (CAKAW!)

We don’t know which will be available first, the patches or the album, but we are aiming for an August release, so stay tuned for updates, and join our singer on Twitch to see the album come together live! (lonk in tha badonk ⬇️)

Eternally yours…

  • Ravenous

Artwork By: Moch Luthfi

Past Members:

Little VDrums (2016-2018)See also: Little V, ex-Black PestilenceDave KhanGuitars (2016-2018)See also: Straight Outta Voltron, ex-Scythia, ex-Antiquus

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