Fates Warning: The Spectre Within-80’s-1985.

Fates Warning:Heavy Proggressive Power Metal from United States.


First DemoDemo1984 Night on BröckenFull-length19846 (76%)DickieDemo19851 (85%)The Spectre WithinFull-length198513 (85%)Awaken the GuardianFull-length198618 (86%)River’s EdgeSplit1987 Anarchy DivineSingle1988 Silent CriesSingle1988 No ExitFull-length198812 (80%)Perfect Symmetry DemosDemo1988 Perfect Symmetry Pre-Production DemosDemo1989 Crash and BurnSplit video1989 Perfect SymmetryFull-length19897 (84%)Selections from Perfect SymmetryEP1989 Nothing Left to SayEP1990 ParallelsFull-length19916 (77%)Awaken the Guardian / No ExitCompilation1992 Night on Bröcken / The Spectre WithinCompilation1992 Pale FireSingle1994 Inside OutFull-length19946 (80%)Chasing TimeCompilation19951 (15%)A Pleasant Shade of GrayFull-length19977 (75%)A Pleasant Shade of Gray: Part IISingle1997 A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Live I-XIILive album1998 A Pleasant Shade of Gray – LiveVideo1998 Still LifeLive album19983 (76%)Live at the DynamoVideo2000 DisconnectedFull-length20004 (83%)The View from HereVideo2003 FWXFull-length20046 (87%)Live in AthensVideo2005 Disconnected / Inside OutCompilation2006 A Handful of FateCompilation2010 Darkness in a Different LightFull-length20135 (85%)Theories of FlightFull-length20163 (85%)Awaken the Guardian LiveLive album2017 Live over EuropeLive album2018 Long Day Good NightFull-length20202 (83%)

Jim Matheos
Guitars (1984-present)
See also: Arch / MatheosJim MatheosJohn ArchOSI, ex-Misfit, Tuesday the Sky
Ray Alder
Vocals (1987-present)
See also: Engine, Ray Alder, ex-Redemption, ex-Syrus, ex-Rouxlette
Joey Vera
Bass (1997-present)
See also: Armored SaintMercyful FateMotor SisterJoey VeraJohn Arch, A Chinese Firedrill, ex-Arch / Matheos, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Anthrax (live), ex-OSI, ex-Engine, ex-Invasion, ex-Royal Decree, ex-Sapphire
Bobby Jarzombek
Drums (2007-present)
See also: HalfordSebastian BachZierlerSpastic Ink, ex-Happy Kitties, ex-Painmuseum, The Foundry, ex-Arch / Matheos, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Juggernaut, ex-Riot V, ex-Rob Rock, ex-Blaze Bayley (live), ex-John West, ex-Cheap Evil, ex-Dirty Water, ex-Jack Ruby, ex-Tarrot, ex-Winterkat

Past Members:

Joe DiBiaseBass (1984-1996)See also: ex-MisfitSteve ZimmermanDrums (1984-1988)See also: Enemy Remains, ex-Image Beyond, ex-Misfit, ex-Eleventh HourVictor ArduiniGuitars (1984-1985)See also: Arduini/BalichEntierro, ex-Freedoms Reign, ex-Misfit, ex-Eleventh Hour, ex-Sinis-GallyJohn ArchVocals (1984-1987)See also: Arch / MatheosJohn Arch, ex-MisfitFrank ArestiGuitars (1986-1996, 2005-2016)See also: ex-Demonax, Dark Day Sunday, ex-Arch / Matheos, ex-All That Is, ex-DragonSpoonChris CronkVocals (1987)See also: Karion, ex-Talisphere, ex-Warchild, ex-Jag Panzer, ex-Target 7, ex-S.A. Slayer, ex-VengeanceMark ZonderDrums (1988-2005)See also: DramaticaSlaviorSpirits of FireVeritasHours at Hand, ex-Under-Radio, ex-Warlord, ex-Zeroasis, ex-Dark Center Light, ex-Graham Bonnet Band, ex-Jim Matheos, ex-Shattered Destiny, ex-Speaking to Stones, ex-Cans, ex-Elegacy, ex-In Progress, ex-Order & Chaos, ex-Ten, ex-Montrose (live)Kevin MooreKeyboards (1997-2000)See also: OSI, ex-Majesty, Chroma Key, ex-Dream Theater

Side A
Traveler in Time
  Show lyrics
Orphan Gypsy
  Show lyrics
Without a Trace
  Show lyrics
Pirates of the Underground
  Show lyrics
Side B
The Apparition
  Show lyrics
Kyrie Eleison
  Show lyrics
  Show lyrics

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