Traitor: Exiled To The Surface-2022.

Traitor:Thrash Metal from Germany.


Thrash Metal VictoryDemo2009 Eternal NightmareDemo2009 Inclination to AggressionLive album2009 Nuclear CombatDemo2010 Thrash CommandFull-length2012Southern DevastationSplit2014 VenomizerFull-length2015 Knee-Deep in the DeadFull-length2018 Decade of RevivalCompilation2019 Exiled to the SurfaceFull-length2022

Andreas Mozer
Drums (, 2009-2010), Vocals (lead)
See also: ex-Bowtome, ex-Dark Assault, ex-Zerg, ex-Premature Burial, ex-Meatgrinder, ex-The Running Cuntz
Lorenz Kandolf
Bass (2009-present)
See also: RezetWulfpack
Gerd Hery
Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2009-present)
See also: ex-Zerg, ex-Premature Burial, ex-Dark Assault
Matthias Koch
Guitars (2013-present)

1.Rura Penthe00:55 2.Exiled to the Surface03:27 3.Total Thrash04:06 4.66 Exeter Street04:10 5.Zordrak02:46 6.Careless Whisper04:20 7.Teutonic Storm (2021)04:15 8.Metroid04:44 9.Into the Nightosphere03:26 10.Space Seed02:57 11.Decade of Revival05:05  40:11

One thought on “Traitor: Exiled To The Surface-2022.

  1. Balingen is the home of the Bang Your Head Festival and Traitor also have their headquarters in the heart of Swabia. Andreas, Lorenz and Gerd started Traitor there in 2009, while guitarist Matthias joined the band in 2013.

    With every album Traitor releases, the four Swabians solidify their position in the German metal scene. It all started with the debut ‘Thrash Command’ in 2012. In the last years two more albums saw the light of day and now it’s up to ‘Exiled to the Surface’ to add another chapter to the existing success story.

    Traitor had their musical imprint in the second half of the 80s when bands like Kreator and Destruction brought thrash metal to the top in Germany. In this context Sodom should also be mentioned for good reason. Traitor managed to get none other than Sodom mastermind Tom Angelripper for a song. ‘Total Thrash’ is the title of this massive riff orgy and it couldn’t be more spot-on. Thundering beats and hard-hitting riffs roar out of the speakers and it’s evident that Traitor have taken the next step in their development.

    After ‘Total Thrash’ has faded away, ’66 Exeter Street’ is the next highlight on ‘Exiled to the Surface’. Somewhat reminiscent of Kreator, Traitor reduce the speed but this does not detract from the powerful appeal of the track.

    When I listened to the album for the first time, I had not yet taken a look at the track list. For this reason I was not aware that the album contains a cover version, but some of the melodies on ‘Careless Whisper’ seemed familiar. And indeed, it is the WHAM! classic that Traitor turn into a brute thrash metal anthem. No more softener is used and the result is a gritty metal tune that is fun to listen to.

    And for those who are surprised to find a re-recorded version of a ‘Venomizer’ song on the album, ‘Teutonic Storm’, in its 2021 version, is bursting with power and is a definite game-winner.

    ‘Exiled to the Surface’ is an entirely enjoyable thrash metal album, from ‘Guilty As Charged’ to the closer ‘Decade of Revival (Traitor Part IV)’. The untamed approach of the four guys from Swabia gives the album the necessary power and dynamic. They don’t look for the quick success, but follow the metal heart. ‘Exiled to the Surface’ is honest, down-to-earth and authentic thrash metal, served raw and furious.


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