Grand Harvest: Commsumatum Est-2022.

Grand Harvest:Death Doom Metal from Sweden.


Vesperae Laesae Maiestatis Coronae – Live at Plan B 2020Live album2020 
Consummatum EstFull-length2022


N.N.Bass, Vocals (backing)
See also: ex-Lucifer’s Hellride, ex-Stigmata, ex-Carnival Sun, ex-Portrait (live), ex-Blinded Colony, ex-Güdrün Sykeldelium Bänd, ex-Sluten Anstalt, ex-The Random Riots
See also: ex-Nekroskop
See also: ex-Dream Obscene, ex-Nekroskop, ex-Moorgate
See also: Svartnad, ex-Forlorn Remembrance
Dr. HällVocals

Past Members:

M.G. (R.I.P. 2018)Guitars
1.Sol Maledictor06:16  Show lyrics
2.The Harrow05:24  Show lyrics
3.No Paler a Horse07:15  Show lyrics
4.As the Vultures Descend06:11  Show lyrics
5.Crowns to Ashes – Thrones to Dust04:42  Show lyrics
6.My Desolate Sea07:05  Show lyrics
7.Fatehammer04:49  Show lyrics
8.In Memoriam – Magnus Invictus00:28  Show lyrics
9.Consummatum Est08:21  Show lyrics

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