Doro/Warlock: Rare Diamonds-Compilations-1991.

Doro/Warlock: Heavy Metal from Germany.


Doro PeschVocals (1983-1989)
See also: Doro, ex-Beast, ex-Snakebite, ex-Dio Disciples (live)
Tommy HenriksenBass (1986-1989)
See also: Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires (live), ex-Doro, ex-Ruffkut, ex-Rondinelli, ex-Boink!, ex-DiS ViciOuS, ex-Parade Of Losers, ex-Underground Moon, ex-War & Peace
Tommy BolanGuitars (1986-1989)
See also: Doro (live), ex-Armed Force
Bobby RondinelliDrums (1988-1989)
See also: Axel Rudi Pell, ex-Sun Red Sun, ex-Rondinelli, Over the Rainbow, Pyramid, Zebra (live), ex-Doro, ex-Quiet Riot, ex-Rainbow, ex-Riot V, ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Blue Öyster Cult, ex-The Dali Gaggers, ex-The Lizards, ex-The Sign, ex-Aerosmith (live), ex-Bonnie Tyler (live)
Jon LevinGuitars (1989)
See also: Dokken, ex-Doro, ex-Devias

Past Members:

Frank RittelBass (1983-1986)
See also: ex-Beast, ex-Energy, ex-U.D.O., ex-Coracko, ex-Snakebite, ex-Thales
Thomas StudierBass (1983)
See also: ex-Atemtor
Michael EurichDrums (1983-1988)
See also: ex-Casanova, ex-What?
Rudy GrafGuitars (1983-1985)
See also: ex-Beast, ex-Joker, ex-Rage, ex-Moritzz Boogie Boosters
Peter SzigetiGuitars (1983-1986)
See also: Killa Notes, ex-Beast, ex-Energy, ex-Stonewashed, ex-U.D.O., ex-Velvet Viper, ex-Coracko, ex-Jeff Brown, ex-Snakebite
Niko ArvanitisGuitars (1985-1989)
See also: ex-Stormwind, ex-Jeff Brown, ex-What?


1983 DemoDemo1983 
Burning the WitchesFull-length1984
Without YouSingle1984 
All NightSingle1985 
You Hurt My Soul (On ‘n’ On…)Single1985
Fight for RockEP1986 
Metal RacerVideo1986 
Breakin’ Metal SpecialSplit video1986 
Metal ManiaSplit video1986 
True as SteelFull-length1986
All We AreSingle1987
Für immerSingle1987
Triumph and AgonyFull-length1987
The VideosSplit video1989 
Rare DiamondsSplit1991 
Rare DiamondsSplit video1991 
Earthshaker RockSplit1999 
Media Markt CollectionSplit2000 
The Doro / Warlock CollectionSplit2010 
I Rule the RuinsBoxed set2015 
Live from the Camden PalaceLive album2016 
Side A
1.Warlock – All We Are03:19  Show lyrics
2.Doro – Unholy Love04:42  Show lyrics
3.Warlock – Für immer04:12  Show lyrics
4.Warlock – True as Steel03:20  Show lyrics
5.Doro – Beyound the Trees02:27  Show lyrics
6.Warlock – East Meets West (live)03:40  Show lyrics
7.Doro – Rare Diamond (live)03:30  Show lyrics
8.Warlock – You Hurt My Soul05:40  Show lyrics
Side B
9.Warlock – Hellbound03:40  Show lyrics
10.Warlock – Burning the Witches04:24  Show lyrics
11.Warlock – Out of Control04:49  Show lyrics
12.Doro – A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum cover)03:56  Show lyrics
13.Warlock – Without You05:34  Show lyrics
14.Warlock – Love Song03:45  Show lyrics

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