Eternal Delyria: Paradox Of The Mechanical Angel-2020.

Eternal Delyria:Symphonic Melodic Death Metal from Switzerland.


Letting Go of HumanityFull-length2016 
The AwakeningSingle2018 
Burning BridgesSingle2019 
Paradox of the Mechanical AngelFull-length2020


TimBass (?-2019), Guitars (2019-present)
ClodKeyboards, Vocals (backing)
See also: ex-Screams of Suffering
See also: ex-Screams of Suffering
Matteo VaudoBass (2022-present)
2.From Skin to Rust04:43 
3.Burning Bridges06:03 
4.Beyond the Veil04:39 
5.Dying to Live04:38 
6.Damaged System01:12 
8.Freely Enchained04:47 
9.The Awakening04:52 
10.Until Death06:33 

One thought on “Eternal Delyria: Paradox Of The Mechanical Angel-2020.

  1. Eternal Delyria
    Paradox Of The Mechanical Angel
    by Caio Botrel at 15 June 2020, 12:32 PM
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    ETERNAL DELYRIA is a Melodic Death Metal band from Switzerland that mixes elements from Black Metal with the traditional European Melodic Death Metal sound. They have a lot of nice elements and also they just released their newest album “Paradox Of The Mechanical Angel” and we are going to talk about it.

    The opening track from the album is the instrumental “Chrysalis” which is dark and have a lot of nice elements such as crows and also some darker riffs. “From Skin to Rust” starts with a low vocal speech and is followed by some Blackened guitar riffs and soon it turns into a classical Melodic Death Metal ambiance. The vocals are pretty good and the backing vocals helped shaping the sound and gave It a darker ambiance.

    “Burning Bridges” could easily be the soundtrack of a horror movie as it has really dark and tense melodies created by the keyboards mixed up with the guitars. The vocal lines are pretty good and the melodies are great as well. “Beyond the Veil” starts out with beautiful guitar tone playing some cleaning chords with only a drumming marking the tempo, but it soon turns into something aggressive, cold and heavy. It’s a cool song.

    “Dying to Live” starts out with a guitar riff that reminded me a little bit more of a Heavy or Power Metal style, which was pretty cool because it mixed up well with the tense keyboards. The vocals are still good and the bass and drums as well. This song has some nice guitar licks that will make the guitarists out there quite excited to be honest. “Damaged System” is an instrumental song with some cool ambiance.

    “Amaurosis” is probably the most Black Metal song and its kind of scary to be honest. The vocals are pretty damn evil and I liked how it sounded different. This song is different and one of my favorites from the whole album to be honest. “Freely Enchained” starts with a beautiful orchestral part with some vocals speech and choirs as well. It’s a very dark and powerful song and I can imagine how good it will sound when they play it live, its epic. “The Awakening” starts with kind of inspirational speech for a riot, which is cool. This song has the same elements from the previous ones, but it does sounds different and I liked it. There are lot of fast keyboard melodies and riffs as well. Cool stuff here!

    “Until Death” is the last song from the album and it continue with their desire for darker sound and horror ambiance, which was a very good thing in the whole material. There are plenty of Black Metal influences here and it definitely shaped the song into something different, but very good.

    ETERNAL DELYRIA has written and released a great Melodic Death Metal album with a lot of elements from Black Metal. It is pretty hard to innovate on this genre, but they did something really good here. It’s a great album that will please all the Black and Melodic Death Metal fans… including me.


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