Depressed: Beyond The Putrid Fiction-2019.

Depressed:Death Metal from Brazil.


Diabolical Servents of the CrossDemo1999 
Afterlife in DarknessFull-length2015 
Beyond the Putrid FictionSingle2019 
Blame It on HateSingle2019 
Satanic RiotsSingle2019 
Beyond the Putrid FictionFull-length2019 
Chaotic Misanthropic OrderSingle2021


Giovanni NorbiattoBass
See also: Viscera
Giovani VentturaVocals (1998-2000, 2012-2016, 2018-present)
See also: Corpses Conductor, ex-Violent, ex-Chaos Inc, ex-Golem, ex-Painless, ex-Atomic Mass, ex-Cogumelo Diabolico, ex-Depressed God, ex-Heathen, ex-In My Dead Eyes, ex-Snagov
Murillo HortolanGuitars (2014-2016, 2018-present)
Douglas RatamGuitars (lead) (2018-present)
Rodrigo ButcherDrums (2019-present)
Pedro Sant’AnnaBass (2021-present)
See also: ex-Redammen, ex-Perc3ption

Past Members:

Carlos AnthonBass (1998-1999)
Herbert AdrianoDrums (1998-1999)
See also: Prophetic Age (live)
Rodrigo JardimGuitars (1998-2000, 2013-2014)
See also: Corpses Conductor
Renan CarrenhoBass (2012, 2018-?)
See also: Guillotine, ex-Bergenteif
Stella RibeiroBass (2012-2014)
Gabriel GuerraDrums (2012-2013)
See also: KanvassOcultan (live), Outlaw (live), ex-MurderHDC, ex-Justabeli, ex-Angry (live), ex-Horny for Blood
Rene SimionatoDrums (2012-2013)
See also: BloodstainedEm RuínasGuillotineJustabeliTorture Squad, ex-Mortuorum, ex-Bergenteif, House of Evil, Phantom of the Beast, ex-Evil Mayhem, ex-Midnightmare
Bruno RizevasGuitars (2012)
Alexandre PatrizziGuitars (2012)
See also: Joe Rotten, ex-Golem, ex-Warbound
Dustin RadicliffeGuitars (2012)
Lucas DutraGuitars (2012-2013)
See also: MorpherusPromethean Gate
Rodrigo AmorimGuitars (2012-2014)
See also: ex-MurderHDC
Guilhermo LandesBass (2014-?)
Andry HernándezDrums (2014-?)
See also: Sculpture (live), ex-Chaos Inc, ex-Combat Noise, ex-Septum, ex-Unlight Domain, ex-Carpatus (live), ex-Narbeleth (live), ex-Ancestor
Augusto AlvesGuitars (2014-?)
See also: ex-Banefull, ex-Leucocitos
1.Marching into Damnation01:00 
2.Beyond the Putrid Fiction03:58  Show lyrics
3.Into the Realm of Abhorrence03:33  Show lyrics
4.Delight in Pain03:03  Show lyrics
5.Blame it on Hate04:28  Show lyrics
6.Unholy Conveant03:49  Show lyrics
7.Mandatory Coexistence05:09  Show lyrics
8.Descending into Madness03:43  Show lyrics
9.Thy Fragment of Light03:01  Show lyrics
10.Cease and Decease04:02  Show lyrics
11.Cult of Treason03:49  Show lyrics
12.Satanic Riots03:18  Show lyrics

One thought on “Depressed: Beyond The Putrid Fiction-2019.

  1. Depressed
    Beyond the Putrid Fiction
    by “Metal Mark” Garcia at 17 January 2020, 6:07 AM
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    The beginning of the 90’s witnessed a very weird phenomenon in music: as Grunge Rock and Alternative took over the musical parades in the USA (and as a consequence, Heavy Metal, Glam Metal and Thrash Metal became “outdated” musical models), and Metal had to go back into underground, a Metal genre that was said as dead since 1986-1987 came back from its grave: Death Metal. And it became a massive Metal flood that reigned supreme into underground. Bands as MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER and others helped to expand limits of what DEATH, MASTER and POSSESSED laid back on the 80’s. Obviously that Death Metal evolved a lot since then, but there are those who love to make such musical model, as the Brazilian quintet DEPRESSED (from Santo André, SP), as can be heard on their second album, “Beyond the Putrid Fiction”.

    As is usual from Brazilian School, no Metal genre done here is a pure breed, but a hybrid from influences that comes from other Metal genres. In the case of the quintet, they’re playing a brutal (but traditional) way in Death Metal, but bearing some Thrash Metal touches here and there. Of course that they’re play that isn’t new at all, but the energy and personal approach made the difference. Marcos Cerutti (a known musician, producer and graphic designer on Brazilian Metal scene) recorded, mixed and mastered the songs of “Beyond the Putrid Fiction”, creating something that is brutal and aggressive, but in a way that the ears of the listener can understand each musical arrangement. It’s a very good work, indeed.

    All the songs are a fine example of musical brutality, but the violent rhythmic changes heard on “Beyond the Putrid Fiction”, the sharp and hooking guitar riffs of “Into the Realm of Abhorrence” (as the solos are sickening samples of traditional Death Metal ways) and on “Blame it on Hate”, some unexpected melodies on the guitars heard on “Unholy Covenant” (and some very good contrasts show on vocals, thanks to the guest appearance of the Marcos Cerutti doing some snarls and grunts), the good snarls and energy that appear on “Descending into Madness” and “Thy Fragment of Light”, and the oppressive slow moments on “Satanic Riots” are enough to hook any Death Metal fan to the band. Of course the band can do better than what is heard, but they’re on the right path.

    DEPRESSED is really a good name from Brazilian Death Metal scene, and a proof that Brazil extreme Metal doesn’t have KRISIUN to show.


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