Sentinel Beast: Depths Of Death-80’s-1986.

Sentinel Beast:Power Thrash Metal from United States.


Kill the WitchDemo1984 
Depths of DeathDemo1985 
Demo 3Demo1985 
Depths of DeathFull-length1986
Risen Demo EPEP2009 
Up from the AshesCompilation2010


Debbie GunnVocals (lead) (1984-1987, 2007-?)
See also: ex-Ice Age, ex-Brutal Groove, ex-Znöwhite, ex-Stranded in Sweden
Steve OliverBass (2009-?)
Mark VarianDrums (2010-?)
Ken KorpiGuitars (2010-?)
Jake NunnGuitars (2011-?)
See also: Hell Fire, ex-Hysteria

Past Members:

Manny BravoBass
See also: ex-Mutilus Mucous, ex-Heathen
Justin DudraDrums
See also: Torture, ex-Dizastor, ex-Taunted, ex-Witness the Horror, ex-VX36 (live), ex-Arise
JJ FrancisGuitars
See also: ex-Feint Tocsin
Mark KoyasakoGuitars (?-1987)
See also: ex-The Boyz
Barry FischelGuitars (?-1987)
See also: ex-Fischel’s Beast
Michael SpencerBass (1984-1987)
See also: ex-Flotsam and Jetsam, ex-N17 / November 17, ex-Superphat
Scott AwesDrums (1984-?)
Greg WilliamsGuitars (1984-?)
See also: ex-Maestro, Greg Williams, ex-Redrum, ex-Panther, ex-The Brain Club
Jerry FrazierGuitars (1984-?)
See also: ex-Slaven
Nic Atomica XBass (2007-2009)
Scott FullerDrums (2007-?)
See also: AnnihilatedErrorgeistMorbid AngelSteelsongIncinerated Divinity, ex-Automb, Plaguereaper, ex-Abysmal Dawn, ex-Havok, ex-Skitzo, ex-Jungle Rot (live), ex-Acridious
Kenny EckhardtGuitars (2007-?)
See also: ex-Apocryphon
Dana LindstromGuitars (2007-2011)

One thought on “Sentinel Beast: Depths Of Death-80’s-1986.

  1. CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, July 25th, 2008

    They may be not the most known band from California, but these Sentinel Beast rule! Their speed/thrash metal is truly good. The period was excellent for such genre and the only error they did is to put out this album in a damned full year for the thrash metal releases. Unfortunately, they never received the attention they deserved from the audience but Roadrunner made the impossible with them and they saw right.

    The power and the energy of this band are the one you could find only back in the 80s. I mean, listen to the title track and “Mourir”, and you are immediately caught and destroyed by the fast palm muting riffs, the raging but never screamed the vocals and the solos, the mighty guitars solos. Sheer pleasure for my ears. The tempo is intense and quite fast but the most important characteristic of this band is the pure vigour of their music; a music that flows perfectly.

    Everything is perfect for the structures, the melodies, the solos and the vocals. The most violent parts are never forgotten to privilege the melodies and vice versa. These mixes are perfect and for example, check out the melodic beginning to “Corpse” to taste the real greatness of a band that passes easily from ballad structures to pure speed patterns. The solos are mostly in tremolo picking style but they are incredibly fluent and they reminded me the ones by old Flotsam & Jetsam.

    The various guitars duets and the hidden melodies of the rhythmic riffage, so often on open chords, are perfect for those who are searching for a perfect blend of heaviness and sense of songwriting. “Evil is the Night” could easily beat most of the material that came out in that period. The tempo is fast and the drumming is relentless, especially if we talk about the bass drum. The dark atmospheres we can find in the whole album are something great and check out “Sentinel beast” for this. A song that sums up everything on this album: dark passages, speed restarts, vicious vocals and awesome guitars solo.

    The mid paced riffs at the beginning of “Revenge” are very good but they are soon obliterated by the classic violent spirit of this band, so we pass easily from down tempo parts, where the bass is incredibly pounding, to impulsive restarts. The guitar solos are insane as always. “The keeper” is more power metal style (not the German one, please…) and more melodic with simpler structures and catchy lead lines for the guitars and the vocals, preparing us for the great cover of “The Phantom of The Opera”. Everything is perfect, really and it’s not an easy song. Not at all!

    This one of the most overlooked albums ever and one of the greatest examples of underground thrash metal for U.S.A. Needless to say that it’s recommended to any thrasher out there. This band is all power, really. It’s the classic example of when technique, passion and intensity collide.


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