Two Hundred Feet: Speed Of Evil-2017.

Two Hundred Feet:Heavy Metal/Hard Rock from United States.


Speed of EvilFull-length2017


Mike LePond:Bass See also: AffectorArkenstoneBurnt CityDeadRisenDeath DealerEverdawnEynomiaHeathen’s RageMike LePond’s Silent AssassinsRivera/BommaRoss the BossSymphony XWaken EyesDistant ThunderStygia, ex-Brute Force, ex-Holy Force, ex-Fatal Array, ex-Ureas, Ango Tasso’s Air Force, Dead on Arrival, Mike Bino Project, ex-Eternity’s End, ex-MindMaze, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Sleepy Hollow, ex-Them, ex-Helstar (live), ex-Midnight Eternal, ex-Ashenveil, ex-Elegacy, ex-Painmuseum, ex-Operatika Element (live), ex-Malakis Reign, ex-Last Union, ex-Rattlebone

Shane Gaalaas:DrumsSee also: Graham Bonnet Band, Cosmosquad, Diesel Machine, B’z (live), ex-Artension, ex-Miloš Dodo Doležal, ex-Vinnie Moore, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-John West, ex-Hughes Turner Project, ex-Michael Schenker Group, ex-Uli Jon RothPJ ZitarosaGuitarsSee also: Chrome Public, ex-Danny Vaughn, ex-Tyketto

Jeff Kollman:GuitarsSee also: ex-Edwin Dare, ex-VXN, Asia featuring John Payne, Cosmosquad, Jeff Kollman, ex-John West, ex-Glenn Hughes, ex-Mogg/Way, ex-Sign of 4, ex-Michael Schenker Group (live), ex-UFO (live)

Chandler Mogel:VocalsSee also: OutloudTheater of the Absurd, Cap Outrun, Chrome Public, Dangered Ace, NYC Outlaws, Until Destiny, ex-Denner’s Inferno, ex-Legion, ex-Porphyra, ex-Cities (live), ex-Talon

1.Speed of Evil03:58  Show lyrics
2.I Surrender04:18  Show lyrics
3.Dirty Secret03:41  Show lyrics
4.Lockdown in the Hills05:05  Show lyrics
5.200 Ft.04:09  Show lyrics
6.Seraphim04:48  Show lyrics
7.Shovels & Sidewinders04:33  Show lyrics
8.Spica04:11  Show lyrics
9.Eye for an Eye03:31  Show lyrics
10.All We See04:44  Show lyrics
11.Electric Sun05:09  Show lyrics
12.Land of Murder03:40  Show lyrics

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