Outloud: Let’s Get Serious-2014.

Outloud:Heavy Metal/Hard Rock from Greece.


We’ll Rock You to Hell and Back Again!Full-length2009 
Love CatastropheFull-length2011 
Last Days of DecemberSingle2011 
More CatastropheEP2012 
Let’s Get SeriousFull-length2014
Destination: Overdrive (The Best of Outloud)Compilation2015 
Virtual HeroesSingle2018 
I Am the OneSingle2018 
Virtual Hero SocietyFull-length2018 


Jim KyritsisGuitars
See also: ex-Myst
Bob KatsionisGuitars (lead), Keyboards (2007-present)
See also: Bob KatsionisBurnt CityStray GodsVass/KatsionisWarrior PathWonders, ex-Encomium, ex-Imaginery, ex-Retrospect, ex-Revolution Renaissance, ex-Zion, ex-Mirage, ex-Skyward, ex-Acid Death, ex-Casus Belli, ex-Firewind, ex-Karmic Link, ex-Nightfall, ex-Perpetual, ex-Serious Black, ex-Deviser (live), ex-Septicflesh (live), ex-Star Queen, ex-Fatal Morgana, ex-Jade Lizard, ex-Lighthunters, ex-Νίπτω τας χείρας (NTX)
Chandler MogelVocals (2008-present)
See also: Theater of the AbsurdTwo Hundred Feet, Cap Outrun, Chrome Public, Dangered Ace, NYC Outlaws, Until Destiny, ex-Denner’s Inferno, ex-Legion, ex-Porphyra, ex-Cities (live), ex-Talon
Nick MavrommatisBass (2018-present)
Thanos PappasDrums (2018-present)
See also: Scar of the SunStray Gods, Fire and Steel (Manowar tribute), Urizen (Bruce Dickinson tribute), ex-Disharmony, ex-Bigus Dickus, ex-Deadlock, ex-Technical Violence

Past Members:

Tony KashGuitars (rhythm) (2007-2013)
Jason MercuryBass (2008-2009)
See also: Beyond ExorcismFiat Lvx, ex-5th Element, ex-Minuetum, ex-Headshot, ex-Memorain
Mark CrossDrums (2008-2013)
See also: God’s ArmyMetal MachineRezident ExVivaldi Metal Project (live), ex-The Supremacy, Tainted Nation, ex-At Vance, ex-Exorcism, ex-Firewind, ex-Helloween, ex-Nightfall, ex-Spitfire, ex-Tank, ex-Tower of Babel, ex-Frank Blackfire (live), ex-Scorpions (live), ex-Metalium, ex-Winters Bane, ex-Electric Eye, ex-Magna Carta
SverdBass (2009-2018)
See also: AmongRuins, ex-Bare Infinity, ex-Battleroar, ex-Crimson Fire, ex-The Silent Rage, ex-IceCrown
Kostas MilonasDrums (2014-?)
See also: A-I-E-ABraverideForay Between OceanMajor DenialSunburst, ex-Night Shadows (live), ex-Paradox, ex-Fragment Soul
1.Death Rock!05:25  Show lyrics
2.I Was So Blind04:20  Show lyrics
3.One More Time04:12  Show lyrics
4.Bury the Knife06:03  Show lyrics
5.Like a Dream04:10  Show lyrics
6.It Really Doesn’t Matter03:56  Show lyrics
7.A While to Go04:28  Show lyrics
8.All in Vain03:45  Show lyrics
9.Another Kind of Angel05:07  Show lyrics
10.Let’s Get Serious05:15  instrumental
11.Toy Soldiers03:20  Show lyrics
12.Enola Gay (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark cover)02:57  Show lyrics

One thought on “Outloud: Let’s Get Serious-2014.

  1. imcominforyou, June 24th, 2014

    To only refer to Let’s Get Serious as a hard rock album is a criminal understatement; it borders on the cusp between ‘80s hard rock, of course, and keyboard-enriched melodic metal. This makes all the more sense when you realize the lead guitarist and keyboard of Outloud is Bob Katsionis, well-known for his work with Firewind and Revolution Renaissance, as well as his own solo project. However, unlike those bands where the synth work was always a focal point of the band’s sound, Outloud’s third studio album boasts more than several tracks where straight-up riffing is employed, and this variety amongst the tracks, along with the enjoyable songwriting and musicianship, is why I rank this so highly.

    I actually can’t decipher whether or not this is supposed to be a serious album or not, despite the unambiguity in the album title. You look at the cover and you hear the first anthemic track on the album, “Death Rock!”, and you may expect some comical and nostalgic worship of the hard rock bands of yore, however you’re going to be pleasantly surprised when you hear everything that follows. The hooky hard rock riffs are ever present, but the entrancing keyboards on song like “I Was So Blind” and “Bury the Knife”, in addition to the more serious subject matters and originality, make it quite clear that the band has so much to offer than a generic throwback to the ‘80s.

    I actually have no idea who wrote the songs themselves, but I’ll be damned if Katsionis himself didn’t have a huge hand in shaping things creatively. Much like his past solo album, many of the songs seem like potential Firewind material that had to be pushed aside after Firewind sought a less power metal approach on their newest album, and Let’s Get Serious benefits greatly from Bob Katsionis’ metal tendencies. There’s double bass on this album, furious guitar solos, an instrumental title track that’s miles better than anything Gus G. has written in the past year, and one of the best ballads in recent memory, “It Really Doesn’t Matter”. Hell, “Toy Soldiers” is undeniably the heaviest track here, and it doesn’t sound that far removed from power metal.

    American singer, Chandler Mogel, delivers an absolutely amazing performance at the helm of the band. With just enough melody in his voice to appease the melodic metal style of the band and just enough tenacity to nail the rocking tunes, he enhances the band’s sound exponentially. A track like “All in Vain” showcases his pleasing timbre, while a song like “Death Rock!” is a great showcase of his more intense delivery.

    I’ve been raving about this album for the past week on social networks, and a great way to sum up the mastery of Let’s Get Serious is to compare it to an amalgamation of Firewind’s melodic edge and Unisonic’s hard rock/heavy metal sound. Even a cover of “Enola Gay” manages to come off as more than listenable and less cheesy than one might expect. The mashing of hard rock and metal is accomplished so well and seamlessly that I’ve had this album on repeat for the past few days, and I have absolutely no qualms about giving it a perfect score. I wish there was a downside to Let’s Get Serious that I could nitpick at and criticize endlessly, but it’s a perfection of an album that Outloud deserves recognition for.

    Written for The Metal Observer


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