Hatred: Hateful Extermination-2022.

Hatred:Thrash Metal from Italy.


Fist of DeathDemo2006
Speed Kills… AgainSplit2007
Wind of AnnihilationEP2009 
Promo 2012Demo2012 
Burning WrathFull-length2012 
Hateful ExterminationFull-length2022


S.R. Bestial HammerDrums
See also: Baphomet’s Blood, ex-Bleeding Hammer, ex-Spirale
A. TrosomaranusVocals, Guitars
See also: ex-Turbo Rexx (live), Vagitarians, ex-Baphomet’s Blood, ex-Chainbreaker (live)
F.T. Bestial JesusBass (2016-present)
See also: ex-Bleeding Hammer, ex-Bothers

Past Members:

See also: AcheronteBaphomet’s BloodUraniavore Goatphago, ex-Madcaps, ex-Necrosexual Rites, ex-Necrovomit, ex-Witchunter, ex-Anonima Sequestri
NecrovomiterrorGuitars, Vocals (backing) (?-2018)
See also: Baphomet’s BloodBlasphemophagher, ex-Goatized, ex-Bestial Evil, ex-Whisky & Pain, ex-Sanguinem Mortem
Manuele MaraniDrums (2002)
See also: ex-Caladbolg, El Bramido Negro
Andrea “Pizzingrì” ConcettiniGuitars (2002)
R. McGrinderBass, Backing Vocals (2003-2012)
Mike OlivieroDrums (2006)
See also: Blood in the Water, ex-Vainglory, ex-Written in Blood, ex-Hydro, ex-Soundkiller
1.Hateful Extermination03:24  Show lyrics
2.Oppressed03:09  Show lyrics
3.One Step Over Fear04:14  Show lyrics
4.Schizophrenic Void03:47  Show lyrics
5.Final Hate04:23  Show lyrics
6.Chained Forever03:10  Show lyrics
7.Cold Wind of Death03:17  Show lyrics
8.Dark Unworld04:11  Show lyrics
9.The Horror02:27  Show lyrics
10.The Night (Violent Force cover)02:45 

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