Vulcano: Stone Orange-2022.

Vulcano:Black Death Thrash Metal from Brazil.


Om Pushne NamahEP1983
Denvil on My RoofDemo1984
Live!Live album1985
Bloody VengeanceFull-length1986
Who Are the True?Full-length1988
Tales from the Black BookFull-length2004
Thunder MetalSplit2006 
Five Skulls and One ChaliceFull-length2009
Drowning in BloodFull-length2011 
The Man the Key the BeastFull-length2013
Panzer Fest 2Split2013 
Live II Stockholm StormedLive album2014 
Wholly WickedFull-length2014
Os Portais do Inferno Se Abrem: A História do VulcanoVideo2016 
The Awakening of an Ancient and Wicked Soul – TrilogySingle2016 
Live III – From Headbangers to HeadbangersLive album2018 
Bride of SatanSingle2019 
Evil EmpireSingle2020 
Cybernetic BeastSingle2020 
Eye in HellFull-length2020
Majestic Satanic EruptionSplit2021 
Ship of DeadSingle2021 
Trigger of ViolenceSingle2021 
Stone OrangeFull-length2022 


Zhema RoderoGuitars (1981-1983, 1987-1990, 2004-present), Bass (1983-1986)
Luiz Carlos LouzadaVocals (1997-1999, 2000, 2010-present)
See also: Chemical DisasterFront Attack LineKillMisterPredatoryPutrid HopeRepulsão Explícita, ex-Chaosmaster, ex-Ignorance, ex-Preguh, ex-Hierarchical Punishment, ex-Carnal Desire, ex-K.O.V., ex-White Frogs
Carlos DiazBass (2004-2012, 2016-present)
See also: Chemical Disaster, ex-Chaosmaster, ex-Hierarchical Punishment, ex-Infector, ex-Ninurta, ex-Dhuend, ex-Violent Vision
Gerson FajardoGuitars (2016-present)
See also: KillMister
Bruno ConradoDrums (2019-present)
See also: ImpetuousKillMister (live), ex-Vetor, ex-Heavenly Kingdom

Past Members:

Carli CooperBass (1981-1983)
See also: ex-Skullkrusher, ex-Sangue Azul
Wilham “Ponta”Drums (1981-1982)
Paulo MagrãoGuitars (1981-1983)
RobsonVocals (1981-1982)
Lander LuchoBass (1982-1983)
SauloDrums (1982-1983)
José PiloniDrums (1983)
See also: ex-Soto
GenneVocals (1983)
Renato “Pelado”Drums (1984)
See also: ex-Charlie Brown Jr.
Johnny HansenGuitars (1984)
(R.I.P. 2017) See also: ex-Harry, ex-Tubular
AngelVocals (1984-1996, 2001-2010)
See also: ex-Satanic
Laudir PiloniDrums (1985-1986)
See also: ex-Satanic, ex-Soto
Zé FlávioGuitars (1985-1986)
See also: ex-Psychic Possessor, ex-Ritual, ex-Exhumer, ex-Sociedade Armada
Soto Jr.Guitars (1985-1986, 1990-1991)
(R.I.P. 2001) See also: ex-Rallus, ex-Satanic, ex-Soto
Fernando LevineBass (1987-1990)
Arthur Von BarbarianDrums (1987-2004, 2010-2019)
See also: SkullkrusherNifelheim (live), Zeppers, ex-Gods & Punks, ex-KillMister, ex-Hammer
Cláudio PassamaniGuitars (2003)
See also: Opus V, ex-Afterdeath, ex-Blessed, ex-Pride (live)
André Cigano MartinsGuitars (2003-2005)
See also: ex-Wrinkled Witch, Lei Seca, Warkings, ex-Chemical Disaster, ex-Repulsão Explícita
Celso VXDrums (2004-2005)
See also: ex-In the Profound Abyss, ex-Livid Christ, ex-Amen Corner, ex-Carpatus, ex-Infector, ex-Opus Tenebrae, ex-Push
Arthur JustoDrums (2006-2010)
See also: ex-Alcoólica, ex-Slow Death, ex-Preguh, ex-Chemical Disaster, ex-First Pagan Monarch
Fernando NonathGuitars (2006-2014)
See also: Chemical Disaster, ex-Mystic Death
Ivan PellicciottiBass (2013-2016)
See also: Tosco, ex-KillMister, ex-Carnal Desire
1.Metal Seeds03:35 
2.Putrid Angels Ritual02:33 
3.Tear Gas03:12 
4.Keep Mind03:03 
5.A Night in a Metal Gig02:39 
6.7 Seconds in Hell02:09 
7.Stone Orange03:32 
8.Trigger of Violence03:24 
9.Night Terror with Satan03:25 
10.Rebels from 80s03:06 
11.Ship of Dead03:03 
12.The Altar of Defiance02:49 
13.Witches Don’t Lie02:53 
14.Lives Moves Toward Death03:12 
16.Vulcano Will Live Forever (Cadaverise cover)03:33 

One thought on “Vulcano: Stone Orange-2022.

  1. Four decades later, this Vulcano still erupts.

    This was about the third time I had added this particular album to my queue. Not because Stone Orange would be an amazing album that everybody needs to hear, but because I wanted to review a Vulcano (not to be mistaken for Volcano) album after not having the time to do their previous one, 2020’s Eye In Hell. But then every time the release day came, I couldn’t find it available anywhere, and when I checked the release was postponed again. Imagine my surprise when the third time I actually found the album streaming! So merely because of that, Stone Orange was my most anticipated album for a while. Did I need to review this particular record? Not really. As far as I’m concerned, you could listen to any Vulcano record, and especially 1986’s Bloody Vengeance, but Stone Orange is still far from a bad first Vulcano album to check out.

    The reason I really wanted to do a Vulcano album was purely due to Bloody Vengeance’s merits. As Sepultura and Sarcófago dominate the discussion on early extreme metal and thrash metal in the Brazilian scene, it’s easy to miss bands with some classic status like Mutilator, Holocausto, Chakal, Korzus, and yes, Vulcano. Sure, it’s a bit weird to talk about Bloody Vengeance’s legacy on a review of Stone Orange, considering that it’s only the bassist of that record, Zhema Rodero, that’s still a Vulcano member, and he’s not even a bassist anymore (he’s been doing guitars on most albums since). Vulcano never really had much of a steady lineup, but had a longtime vocalist and drummer previously, so the oldest album to have any other current member on it is 2009’s Five Skulls And One Chalice.

    Anyway, Stone Orange is pretty removed in lineup from most other Vulcano, but not really in sound. This is still thrash metal with a death metal and a first wave of black metal touch, albeit with a bit more of a modern production. There’s still quite some rawness to the sound that harkens back to the 80s, as the band brings quite a lot of speed in the performance, and one look at the tracklist should reveal that there’s at least some tongue-in-cheek sense of humor about the whole thing. I’m pretty sure Stone Orange didn’t need to be this long, as this is a sound that always works better in albums at least ten minutes shorter, but I’ve heard plenty of thrash albums even more adamant to cram filler. As far as Stone Orange is concerned, it finds a pretty cool balance between proto-extreme metal and heavy speed in its sound.

    And closing the album with a cover of a track that another band has written in tribute to them is the perfect tribute loop. Maybe Vulcano will live forever.


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