Insecurity: Intruder Of Reality-2022.

Insecurity:Thrash Metal from Chile.


Promo 2016Demo2016 
Mind in a VoidDemo2017 
Demo 2019Demo2019 
¡Split en vivo!Split2020 
LP AdvanceDemo2021 
Intruder of RealityFull-length2022


Kristofer VegaGuitars
See also: Chaotic Bastard, ex-Mevak, ex-Suicide Club, ex-Venus Torment (live), ex-Alienation
Matias ReyesGuitars (2016-present), Vocals (2018-present)
See also: Chaotic Bastard, ex-Evil Destrukkto, ex-Alienation
Diego CarvajalBass (2018-present)
See also: ex-Suicide Club, ex-Alienation
Matias OyarceDrums (2019-present)
See also: ex-Suffering Sights

Past Members:

Vicente CarrascoBass, Vocals (2016-2018)
See also: Maldición
MakkaDrums (2016-2018)
Camilo DíazDrums (2018-2019)
1.Deambulating Future05:04  Show lyrics
2.Intruder of Reality06:27  Show lyrics
3.Stabbed by Treasons06:22  Show lyrics
4.The Worst of Days04:54  Show lyrics
5.Where We Go…Over Again04:34  Show lyrics
6.Have Beware!02:13  Show lyrics
7.Concrete Prisions03:30  Show lyrics
8.H.S.H.T06:16  Show lyrics
9.T.F.Y04:56  Show lyrics
10.Insecurity07:23  Show lyrics

One thought on “Insecurity: Intruder Of Reality-2022.

  1. The latest band to bolster Chile’s roster of exceptional thrash metal groups is Insecurity. They’ve released a number of demos to this point, and to mark New Year’s Day in 2022, they finally put out their first full-length record. The artwork for “Intruder of Reality” might scare off those who don’t like the more fun side of thrash, but the truth is that this is a serious, hard-hitting release that has a fairly eclectic sound. The most important thing is that it just keeps thrashing. Despite a lengthy 52-minute runtime, there isn’t much fluff (even the interludes keep you hooked). In fact, where Insecurity succeeds is that they have quite a few styles of thrashing. Both “Deambulating Future” and “Where We Go…Over Again” lead the way with killer gang vocal patterns that almost make this album feel like a crossover record.

    The use of backing vocals is fairly prominent throughout the rest of the album, but it is much more simplified. Instead, other songs rely on more melodic sections (see the chorus of the title track), punky breakdowns, adventurous leads, or just firing off as many riffs as possible. The guitar tone, while a bit dialled back in the mix, does have a sharper edge, and so the downpicked riffs hit particularly hard. The obvious positive of having slightly quieter guitars is that the bass is absolutely popping from start to finish!

    Fortunately, there aren’t really any key flaws with this album. At worst, it isn’t as memorable as the better albums in the genre, and so with a lot of material, it’s fairly hard to digest. Similarly, Insecurity’s shouter is fairly one-dimensional. He actually is most similar to Game Over’s singer (an outstanding Italian band!), but the key point is that most of the vocals (especially outside of those melodic sections noted above) only seem to have one pitch. Even when he does vary up the range, it feels limited. Still, it’s easy to overlook these elements in thrash as long as the riffs keep on flowing. And rest assured that if you listen to “Intruder of Reality”, you will be absolutely bombarded with great riffs!

    Skull Fracturing Metal


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