Desert Near The End: The Dawning Of The Son-2022.

Desert Near The End:Power Thrash Metal from Greece.


A Crimson DawnFull-length2011
Hunt for the SunFull-length2014 
Theater of WarFull-length2016
Of Fire and StarsSingle2019 
Earth and WaterSingle2019 
Of Fire and StarsFull-length2019
Rise for DominionSingle2022 
The Dawning of the SonFull-length2022 


Panos KalompratsosGuitars
Akis PrasinikasBass (2010-present)
See also: ex-The Eventide
Alexandros PapandreouVocals (2010-present)
See also: ex-The Eventide

Past Members:

Chris VaelorGuitars
See also: Lloth, ex-Odin’s Court, ex-Diablery, ex-Mors in Tabula, ex-Mortuus Sum
Thanos ShafferGuitars (2012-?)
See also: Lloth, ex-Paladine
1.Break the Chains04:56  Show lyrics
2.Rise for Dominion04:02  Show lyrics
3.A Wolf Amongst Lions04:23  Show lyrics
4.Iron Rain04:10  Show lyrics
5.I Am Hell and Hell Is Me06:48  Show lyrics
6.Wound My Way05:03  Show lyrics
7.Obsidian Angel06:33  Show lyrics
8.Beyond the Gates06:44  Show lyrics

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