Brutalfly: I Was An Experiment-2022.

Brutalfly:Thrash Metal From Asturias.


Evil RoomSingle2019 
I Was an ExperimentFull-length2022


CarlosBass, Vocals (backing)
NicaDrums, Vocals (backing)
DiegoGuitars, Vocals

Past Members:

Alex SanchezBass
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Javy GonzálezGuitars
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1.Pandemic Dreams05:50 
2.I Was an Experiment05:36 
4.Until Your Breath Flows05:49 
5.The Papership04:00 
6.Evil Room03:50 
7.Distortion for This05:16 
10.What Time Is It? It’s Time to Die06:30 

One thought on “Brutalfly: I Was An Experiment-2022.

  1. I was trying to remember and I think the first vivid memory I have of the guys from Brutalfy , that is, Lagarto on bass, Mochy on drums and Didi Stone on guitar and vocals, was the homonymous Ep of four songs that they gave us to the attendees from, I seem to remember, that gig by Strikeback , Totengott and Angelus Apatrida at Sir Laurens . That was in 2019, when everything was a field and the pandemic had not turned our daily lives upside down. So there was a desire to get to know the central Asturian thrashers again and what better way to do that than their first studio album.

    An album called “ I Was An Experiment ”, which premiered on January 29 and was recorded in Gijón, specifically at Breakdown Studios , with Sound of Silence and Bast Open Nefta Vázquez at the controls of the ship.

    Lots of colors for the skilful prologue to the initial “ Pandemic Dreams ”, which starts off on pause, gets furious later on and finally delves into the heaviest face of the Asturians. That classic sound and the notable presence of Lagarto ‘s bass in the mix hooked me at first. Didi Stone ‘s recording now alludes to the great names of the genre, although I can’t get Guillermo Izquierdo out of my head while I listen to these stanzas, sometimes shrill, sometimes more serious, that make up a first cut that seems to have rhythmic diversity , even tonal, its true reason for being. One of those starts that put expectations through the roof.
    With the homonymous “ I Was An Experiment ” a marked air of Friedman -era Megadeth seems to emerge during the prologue. Nothing further. It is another twisted and convoluted cut, full of good riffs and striking counterpoints. With a greater melodic contribution, it delves into the range of influences of this debut and, in the absence of a more refined technical deployment, it makes the band end up sounding unequivocally personal. That is not a bad sign in the case of a first job.

    The quiet epilogue of the song that gives the album its name will in turn link with the prologue of a “ Thrashtorm ” that immerses us in the calmer face of Brutalfly . Long start between mists that jumps through the air to accommodate a thrash, now very academic, supported by usual happy rhythms, riffs with a little less brightness and a line, in general, more restrained. It’s not a boring cut either, in fact I think the contrast between the initial calm and the fast thrash that comes later is more than well resolved. It is definitely a turn of the screw towards somewhat more comfortable positions that I suppose its most classic fans will appreciate.

    Curious is the prologue of an “ Until Your Breath Flows ” that at first seems willing to blacken the tone with respect to its companions and that, in fact, favors the irruption of the heavier and nineties Brutalfly . Because of the riffs, one of my favorites on the album, underpinned by the good double vocal game that she delivers and owner, now, of some technical dimensions that I sometimes miss in other tracks on the album. An accentuated but not artificial groove precedes the good executive display that adorns the central bridge, just as it does the same with the greatest epic of the epilogue. By far one of my favorites from the entire debut.

    “ The Papership ” gives the impression in its first steps of wanting to be something like Brutalfly ‘s “ Fade To Black ” . Ballad with a simple line, with Didi in an obligatory calm register and colored in a somewhat exogenous way for what is still a classic thrash album like this one. And although a small island of unstitched metal arises in opposition to that calm, this is still, to a great extent, the revelation of the calmest and most relaxed character of the band. Which I personally appreciate at this point in the tracklist.

    “ Evil Room ”, at the time the shortest track on the entire album, brings to the fore some marked airs of the best Anthrax , which I suppose will delight Scott Ian fans . His more accentuated groove and the agility of his writing, on the other hand, can make more than one dizzy. Although it is appreciated that they play the way they do to twist the grammar of their compositions, it is true that there may be those who miss greater cohesion between its parts. In any case, the way in which they distance themselves from the classic fast, concise, smooth and flat cut is remarkable.

    “ Distortion For This ”, which already appeared in that EP from 2015, gains a minute and a bit in the process of becoming another of the most vitriolic and daring deliveries of this “ I Was An Experiment ”. Especially striking at times is a voice line that, during the first third, is much closer to names like Mike Patton than Bobby ” Blitz ” Ellsworth or James Hetfield . But the thing is that afterwards it has an undeniable hook in those nervous and uneasy refrains, in addition to leaving us with a more than remarkable technical display as a preview of the equally volcanic bridge. Personally another one of my favorites.
    If you didn’t want broth, two cups. “ Alienstorm ”, the longest cut of this debut, starts again in the mist to later lead back to its usual thrash with an almost labyrinthine line. Almost everything fits in this eighth cut. Namely: undisguised groove, unsewn speed, melody, dying screams and riffs calling for the most carefree headbang. As with the little “ Evil Room ”, there may be those who miss a more cohesive line, just as others will appreciate the grammatical freedom that Brutalfly develops here. What is sometimes the best thrash but pure chaos.

    As was the case with the previous “ Distortion For This ”, “ Brutalfly ” will fatten up after six minutes what was originally a cut of just four and a half. Song that in a certain way will gratify those who came here looking for fast thrash with a classic cut and results. Although it is true that its tone hardens and grieves when the verses break in and let alone reach its final third every time. But this is a cut that to a large extent delivers the most vitamin side of the band to which it gives its name. Blast beats through even. Topped off with a good job from the executive level and built in the manner of the album that contains it, that is, without restrictions of any kind.

    “ What Time Is It? It’s Time To Die ” closes this first feature by the Asturians embracing the great tropes that sustain it. I largely alternate stroke where, although it is true that his verses seem somewhat repetitive to me, they are wisely confronted with one of the most curious choruses of the entire work. I recognize that it is a closure with its successes, the most on a purely technical level, but with which it has been difficult for me to connect.

    There is a work in terms of composition within this “ I Was An Experiment ” that should not be overlooked. It is true that the album does not invent new records, nor does it seem to intend to either, but it is intelligent enough to rise above the average in purely scriptural tasks. Which, as I said during the review, is still a good sign. That way it remains to claim a greater technical brilliance or a better paste rhythmic base but in general terms it seems to me a most interesting, satisfying and fun album.

    As a footnote: this Saturday they present him with Bestia Negra at the Gong Galaxy Club in Oviedo and from Heavy Metal Brigade we feel like an appointment not to be missed.

    Text: David Naves


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