Mortal Vision: Mind Manipulation-2021.

Mortal Vision:Thrash Metal from Ukraine.


Ivan GorbatyukBass
Eugene ZakharchenkoDrums
Andrey GaydukGuitars
Ivan DyshlyukGuitars, Vocals

One thought on “Mortal Vision: Mind Manipulation-2021.

  1. Sweetie, February 28th, 2022

    What an incredible time for some Ukrainian death/thrash centered on horrors of war. Taking formation only a couple of years ago, Mortal Vision managed to get their debut full-length out late last year, hitting my radar at the beginning of this year. Though there’s no shortage of this style, it’s always nice when it can be pulled off so wonderfully. Mind Manipulation does just that.

    Immediately, the Sepultura-meets-Morbid Angel vibes are going to set in, and they never really go away for the full run. Under a slightly clearer umbrella, this boasts riffs far more on the thrash side, caking on some grooves to break up an approach that’s pretty one-sided. Naturally, the speeds never really slow down other than to swing in these more memorable bridges and to give way to the solos. Things like the bouncy rhythms on “Condemned To Death” or the ascending sweeps meeting harder drum clashes with “Apophenia” add plenty of life.

    The death aspect comes in clutch with the vocals, throwing almost identical homage to early David Vincent. Keeping things coarse and crushing without going guttural is what holds iMind Manipulation in its own playing field, which I can always appreciate. This pairs very well with more direct blows that remain straightforward. It also always works well when trading off with the screeching solos.

    Obviously there isn’t an issue with consistency. As is always the case when playing this brand of thrash, brevity saves it from being too much. If you hunger for a quick, half-hour serving of something that doesn’t require deep understanding but still leaves you feeling satisfied, this is just the album for your platter.

    Originally written for Sleeping Village


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