Trouble: Simple Mind Condition-2007.

Trouble:Doom Metal from United States.


1980 DemoDemo1980 
1982 DemoDemo1982 
1983 DemoDemo1983 
Assassin / Tales of Brave UlyssesSingle1984
1985 demoDemo1985 
The SkullFull-length1985
Run to the LightFull-length1987
The Misery Shows (Act II) / R.I.P.Single1990 
The Wolf / Psychotic ReactionSingle1990 
The Misery Shows (Act II)EP1990 
Psalm 9 / The SkullCompilation1991 
Memory’s GardenSingle1992 
Scuse Me / SleeperSingle1992 
Three Selections from Manic FrustrationEP1992 
Knock Knock Knockin’ on Heavy’s DoorSplit1992 
Manic FrustrationFull-length1992
One for the RoadDemo1994 
Plastic Green HeadFull-length1995
Live in StockholmVideo2006 
Simple Mind ConditionFull-length2007
Live in L.A.Live album2008
Live Palatine 1989Live album2010 
Live Schaumburg 1993Live album2010 
Revelations (Life or Death) – Demos & Rarities Part 1Compilation2011 
Victim of the Insane – Demos & Rarities Part 2Compilation2011 
Live 1983Live album2011 
Black Shapes of DoomLive album2011 
The Distortion FieldFull-length2013
Revelations of the Insane (Demos & Rarities)Compilation2022 


Rick WartellGuitars (1978-present)
See also: ex-Wet Animal
Bruce FranklinGuitars (1981-present)
See also: ex-Generation, ex-Supershine
Kyle ThomasVocals (1997-2000, 2012-present)
See also: ExhorderPitts vs. Preps, ex-Drip, ex-Floodgate, ex-Jones’s Lounge, ex-Marzi, ex-Penalty, Devil’s Highway, Heavy as Texas, ex-Alabama Thunderpussy
Mark LiraDrums (2008-present)
See also: ex-Wet Animal
Rob HultzBass (2013-present)
See also: The Disease Concept, ex-Godspeed, Dizmal Daze, ex-Chrome Waves, ex-Solace, ex-Lethal Aggression, ex-Robot Dicks, ex-Social Decay, ex-The Swill, ex-Wargod (live), ex-Dawn of the Iron Blade

Past Members:

Dave SnyderDrums
See also: Blackfinger, ex-N.M.E, ex-Dofka, ex-This Tortured Soul
Mike DiPrimaBass (1978-1979)
Mike SlopeckiDrums (1978-1979)
Ian BrownBass (1979-1983)
Jeff OlsonDrums (1979-1986, 1993-2008)
See also: In-GravedRetro Grave, ex-Deadless, ex-United by Chaos, ex-Supershine, ex-The Skull, ex-Wet Animal
Eric WagnerVocals (1981-1997, 2000-2008)
(R.I.P. 2021) See also: ex-Eric Wagner, ex-Probot (live), ex-Blackfinger, ex-The Skull, ex-Retro Grave (live), ex-Death Row (live), ex-Lid
Sean McAllisterBass (1983-1986)
See also: Witch Slayer, ex-Retro Grave (live)
Ron HolznerBass (1986-2002)
See also: The SkullRetro Grave (live), ex-Debris Inc., ex-Earthen Grave, ex-Novembers Doom, ex-Place of Skulls, ex-Goatsnake (live), ex-Tourniquet (live), ex-Jim Martin, ex-Wet Animal, ex-The Behemoth
Dennis LeshDrums (1986-1987)
See also: ex-Stygian, ex-Chastain, ex-Kenziner
Ted KirkpatrickDrums (1987-1989)
See also: Ted KirkpatrickTourniquet
Barry SternDrums (1989-1993)
(R.I.P. 2005) See also: ex-Septic Tank, ex-Debris Inc., ex-Zoetrope, ex-Cathedral (live)
Chuck RobinsonBass (2002-2009)
See also: ex-N.M.E, ex-This Tortured Soul, ex-Blackfinger, ex-The Skull, ex-Dark Carnival, ex-Wagner
Kory ClarkeVocals (2008-2012)
See also: Mob Research, The Bones of Children, Warrior Soul, ex-Dirty Rig, ex-L-Seven, ex-Raging Slab, ex-Space Age Playboys, ex-The Stoned, ex-The Trial
Shane PasquallaBass (2009-?)
See also: ex-Wet Animal

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