Disharmony: Gods Made Of Flesh -2022.


Harmony RealmsDemo1997 
When Purity WithersDemo1999 
Shades of InsanityDemo2009 
Shades of InsanityFull-length2014 
The Abyss NoirFull-length2017 
Under the WavesSingle2020 
Gods Made of FleshFull-length2022 


Stefanos GeorgitsopoulosGuitars
See also: Mute Tale, ex-Heart Attack
John KarousiotisGuitars (1996-present)
See also: ex-Grace of Despair
Chris KounelisVocals (1996-present)
See also: Art of Simplicity, Bigus Dickus, ex-Sorrowful Winds
Panagiotis GatsopoulosBass (1998-present)
See also: DissolveScar of the Sun, Bigus Dickus, Urizen
Nikos MirasDrums (2019-present)
See also: Art of SimplicityDryed, ex-Ruthless Steel, Biggus Dickus, ex-Scarblade, ex-Celestial Ode

Past Members:

Kostas TatsisBass
Kostas AgourasDrums
See also: ex-Grace of Despair
Yannis KarousiotisGuitars
See also: ex-Grace of Despair
Stelios MichasGuitars
Thanos PappasDrums (2009-2018)
See also: OutloudScar of the SunStray Gods, Fire and Steel (Manowar tribute), Urizen (Bruce Dickinson tribute), ex-Bigus Dickus, ex-Deadlock, ex-Technical Violence
Stavros GatsopoulosGuitars (2009-?)
See also: Gary Moore Greek Live tribute, Maidenance, Urizen, ex-Sorrowful Winds

One thought on “Disharmony: Gods Made Of Flesh -2022.

  1. Author: Daphne Georgadaki

    It was with great pleasure that I was at Zero Gravity Studios on Sunday, April 3, where I had the opportunity to participate in the pre-audition of Disharmony ‘s new album , “Gods Made Of Flesh” , but also the beautiful discussion that followed with the band and fellow editors. As a new fan of the band, who did not have much contact with their material until recently, I have to say that 2022 is a very good year to follow them. Not because we have to support the Greek scene, but because they have made one of the most beautiful albums you will hear this year.

    And I explain: When we lost Warrel Dane (RIP), we lost with him every chance of seeing Nevermore’s work again, something that personally spoiled me more than I want to admit. As a die hard fan of Nevermore, Sanctuary and Dane’s solo work, I’m more than open to new sounds that may remind me a little.

    Somewhere here comes “Gods Made Of Flesh” , an album that blends harmoniously progressive, thrash and heavy elements and in 57 minutes tells a story about human slavery and the different forms it takes during its life. And because I love concept albums – because I feel like I’m being told a fairy tale with a fucking background music (“Scenes From A Memory”, I’m looking at you) – I’m already done what I’m going to hear, before the craftsman even presses Play.

    And press Play! “The Cynic And The Beggar” attacks mercilessly and I feel like I’ve come home. The Disharmony ‘s love for the Nevermore is as clear as their influences, but that does not mean they have no character of their own. Nice alternations, uplifting rhythm, catchy chorus and kudos on the drums for the power they give to the song! A start full of energy, which can only predispose you positively.

    “Nogard” continues in a more thrash style, with more speed, but also maintaining its melodicity (a part of myself sings “Born” from within. Nice moments). “Cruel And Bitter” and “The Cry Of The Gods” give a great opportunity for headbanging! But do not think about it, it will come to you by itself. And as a bonus, their choruses are very friendly to sing-along, once you listen to them live and then you will remember the lyrics to sing together. I admit that the closing of “Cruel And Bitter” somewhat haunts you, just as the music stops and the lyrics “The less you feel” resonate. Your hair is growing, my child.

    What may catch your eye in “The Cry Of The Gods”, if you stop headbanging somewhere, is the acoustic guitar, which may bring you a memory of Opeth, especially in “Deliverance”. But we will delve into this element later.

    This is followed by the short “Dreamers Lost”, a passage to “Of Flesh”, which is the second longest track on the album. Within 7 and a half minutes, it has plenty of room for alternations, for stormy solos and acoustic guitars, for spoken vocals (which will clearly remind you of Dane – in a very good way). And maybe here we have my favorite lyrics all over the album. “Of Flesh” is a journey of pessimism, which begins with some of the biggest philosophical questions (“What is the meaning of right and wrong”) and ends – faithful to the theme of the album – in the futility of all and the pitiful end of man. However, I felt it speak to my soul.

    “Trigger Of Pleasure” follows, with the clearly aggressive tone imposed by his thrash style and with a rage that pours out in the lyrics and music. And then “Desertion”, a track that brings back this Opeth element that had timidly appeared first in “The Cry Of The Gods”, but also holds strong the thrash element of “Trigger Of Pleasure”. And somehow they manage to combine harmoniously!

    Another short interlude follows. “Shores Of Our Destiny” is really eerie, the sound of the sea waves dominates and “drowns” the voices of people lost at sea. Its natural sequel is “Under The Waves”, the tragic story of refugees who lost their lives, “deceived” by their hope of finding a better life, far from their homeland.

    And if you manage to recover from the image that the previous track has composed in your mind (it took me a while, the truth is), you arrive at the last and longest track of the album, entitled “LIFE”. In the end, all human beings are slaves to their own mortal nature. We all come into this world, we live and then we die and there is no greater constant than this.

    This is what “LIFE” deals with, in which a recitation from Kazantzakis’s work is made:

    “We are coming from a dark abyss,

    We end up in a dark abyss,

    The bright space in between is called life.

    Happy as we are born, the return begins,

    Simultaneously the beginning and the return.

    We die every moment. ”

    You ruined us, carpenter. The album closes with a fade out, having successfully destroyed your psychology, but in a good way, if that makes sense. Sometimes, art tends to “talk” to us about hard truths, which we do not want to think about, because they hurt us. But he does it in such a way that we feel like he is hugging us and easing our pain.

    This is how “Gods Made Of Flesh” works , a work that is going to be released on April 26 and I hope it will be presented live relatively soon, although I have no information about that. If you sit down to pay attention to the lyrics, the social messages and the story that has to be told, somewhere your soul will ache, there is no doubt about that. But it is worth going through this journey, because it is real, it is well made to the last detail and in the end, it needs talent to be able to touch the listener’s soul with “good morning”, with the first listen.

    Go and listen to it, follow the band and support it, because they really release their best – so far – work and a jewel of the Greek metal scene.

    Rating: 90/100

    For Rock Overdose,


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