Northerion: Sky Abow/Sea Below-2019.

Northerion: Melodic Heavy Metal from Germany.


Silent ScreamsFull-length2012 
In These GravesSingle2015 
The Omen of FireSingle2017 
Sky Above // Sea BelowFull-length2019


Harald GerdesBass, Vocals (2009-present)
See also: ex-The Damnation, ex-Burial Vault (live)
Nikolai NeumayerDrums (2009-present)
See also: Until the Moment Comes
Jörg SaathoffGuitars (2009-present)
Pascal MeinenGuitars (2012-present)
Tim GrögorVocals (lead) (2015-present)

Past Members:

Henning UkenaVocals (lead) (2009-2015)

One thought on “Northerion: Sky Abow/Sea Below-2019.

  1. Written By: Klaus Saalfeld
    Band: Northerion
    Album: Sky Above // ​​Sea Below
    Genre: Heavy Metal Label
    : Independent
    Release Date: 2019-11-09

    NORTHERION is a formation from Aurich that aptly announces their sound as “East Frisian Heavy Metal”. The band was formed in 2009 and released their debut album “Silent Screams” three years later. Now, seven years later, the successor “Sky Above // ​​Sea Below” is in the starting blocks. The album tells East Frisian history and stories from the period between the 8th and 16th centuries, some of the content is based on real events, while others are more the imagination of different generations over the centuries.

    The band’s style oscillates somewhere between melodic, modern and thrash metal, although the band claims their sound breathes the spirit of the 70s and 80s. What sounds great and balanced at first seems a little aimless to me on closer inspection. If you take the first two tracks “To The Raging Tides” and “Warriors” as a benchmark, you would definitely assume that NORTHERION is a modern melodic metal band whose great strength clearly lies in the sophisticated instrumental parts that give the songs the necessary depth and represent a successful counterpart to the vocal parts. The following “The Valkyries’ Wings”, on the other hand, gives the impression that a completely different band was at the start. With the exception of the chorus, the melodic factor is scaled back in favor of a thrashy-aggressive orientation, in which harsh vocal growls come into play. “The Omen Of Fire” proves that this change on the mic isn’t always the best idea. The growls on this Thrash number seem rather out of place, so it would have been better to do without them.

    Two of the longest tracks on the album, “Now That The Night Falls” (almost 8 minutes) and “She, The Ocean” (almost 7 minutes), on the other hand, show the potential in terms of songwriting. The first mentioned song starts quietly, then falls into a relaxed tempo, only to step it up a notch and rock properly after about four minutes, before the piece falls back into its initial calm atmosphere. For me, “She, The Ocean” is actually the most interesting song on the disc. The number begins with quiet waves and thunderstorm noises, then falls into a gloomy, sluggish mood, gradually building up and reaching its acoustic peak after just under a few minutes, where only the background nagging is disturbing, before the sound of the sea slowly fades away again .

    The bottom line is that “Sky Above // ​​Sea Below” has become a rock-solid, quite decent Metal album, in which I personally – as described – lack a clear line in terms of orientation. Whoever doesn’t give a damn and feels at home in the intersection of Melodic and Thrash Metal can safely risk an ear. Otherwise it remains to be seen in which waters the Friesian boys will drift.


    To The Raging Tides
    The Valkyries’ Wings
    Under A Blazing Sky
    The Omens Of Fire
    Now That The Night Falls
    Last Alliance
    When The Blade For Us Will Fall
    She, The Ocean

    Tim Gröger: vocals
    Jörg Saathoff: guitar
    Pascal Meinen: guitar
    Harald Gerdes: bass
    Nikolai Neumayer: drums

    More info:



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