Cyphonism: Cosmic Voidance-2022.

Cyphonism:Death Metal from Germany.


Obsidian NothingnessFull-length2016 
Cosmic VoidanceFull-length2022


Julian MüllerGuitars
Aljoscha TöpelGuitars
PatVocals (2015-present)
See also: Ascian, ex-Fogdiver, ex-Means to Collapse
Levin MuellerDrums (2022-present)

Past Members:

Torben GolzBass, Vocals (?-2015)
See also: Incited Abomination, ex-Noiz, ex-Sudden Suicide
Leon SchubertDrums (?-2015)
See also: Incited Abomination, ex-Very Wicked
Elling GolzGuitars
See also: ex-Noiz
Magnus FischerGuitars (2012-2013)
See also: DemoredRepulsive Feast

One thought on “Cyphonism: Cosmic Voidance-2022.

  1. Paul M.·Alben / EPsReviews·23. April 2022

    Cyphonism – Cosmic Voidance

    Cyphonism have existed since 2011 and after their first album Obsidian Nothingness from 2016, the follow-up Cosmic Voidance is now ready to challenge the crowds to a headbanging match. The second disc will be distributed via the Black Sunset label and will be available to us from May 13th this year. We were allowed to take a look at the album, and we’ll see if the idea of ​​consistent Death Metal has stuck.

    First of all, as a small warning, it has to be said that the record offers Death Metal at its finest. I rarely hold such a classic Death Metal album in my hands these days, which I really have to give the Wolfsburgers a lot of credit for – right from the first track. As you know, hope and wish for, down-to-earth riffs are on the list of the order of the day and the drums also fire up everything they can! A thunderous low frequency stretches across the entire disc and sweeps away everything that isn’t on the tree by three – tie it down, hold on tight is a must! The consideration of health damage is comprehensively ignored, one is confronted with a load which one cannot swallow with the best will in the world. The riffs are razor sharp and underscore the aggression loved in the genre

    Unholy Agendais generally the track that is able to reflect the whole album. Dark and powerful, the song builds in front of you and brings everyone to their knees – as does the entire album. The problem with this is that you end up lying flat on the floor and completely overwhelmed. Comparable bands have a better grip on the balance that is between sustained hits and periods of recovery. While the riffs, fills, and vocals are impeccable, I’m lacking in places on the album where I look up, wonder, and get picked up. You get stoned all the time and you can’t get out of the cycle. While this makes the disc incredibly compelling, there are no highlights that make the album stand out. That leaves only a good Death Metal album by nameCosmic Voidance.

    Cyphonism recorded some neck breakers, I would have wished for more, but other than that the riffs are short and sharp. The drums have more variation than you’re used to from the genre, but that doesn’t mean that the heaviness has been neglected at the same time. It is precisely this that is mercilessly interpreted with singing. In any case, something has changed compared to the predecessor and work has been done on better techniques, which I would like to give credit for. It should also be noted that there is room for improvement – the next record has to go one step further, otherwise I would be a bit disappointed.


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