KingCrown: Wake Up Call-2022.

KingCrown:Power Metal from France.


A Perfect WorldFull-length2019
Wake Up CallFull-length2022 


David AmoreDrums (2018-present)
See also: Fortunato, ex-Öblivïon, Archange, ex-Nightmare, ex-Shinning
Joe AmoreVocals (2018-present)
See also: Tower of Babel, ex-Öblivïon, ex-Nightmare, ex-Now or Never, ex-Deast, ex-Eye of Maiden, ex-Temple
Sebastien ChabotBass, Vocals (backing) (2021-present)
See also: Galderia
Bob SalibaGuitars, Vocals (backing) (2021-present)
See also: DebacklinerGalderiaNinmahQuiet HumanRubiconStonecast, ex-Abnormality, Alix, Bob Oliver Lee
Ced LeggerGuitars, Vocals (backing) (2021-present)
See also: ex-Headless Crown

Past Members:

Markus FortunatoBass (2018-2021)
See also: Fortunato, ex-Broken Arrow, ex-Desdemona, ex-Epytaph, ex-M.Z., ex-Öblivïon, Archange, Fury Age, ex-Ashes and Dust, ex-Roswell Farm
Stéphane RabilloudGuitars (2018-2020)
See also: Rising SteelUrgent, ex-Öblivïon, ex-Nightmare
Florian LagoutteGuitars (2018-2021)
See also: ErevanForsaken WorldWrath of the Nebula (live), ex-Moonlord, ex-Gates of Irkalla, ex-Öblivïon, ex-Fenrir, ex-Despairhate

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