Electro Nomicon: Unleashing The Sadhows-2013.

Electronomicon:Melodic Heavy Metal from United States.


The DemosDemo2008 
Chapter 1 “In the Beginning”Full-length2009 
Unleashing the ShadowsFull-length2013 
The Age of Lies



Members :

Owen BryantDrums, Vocals (2007-present)
Diego ValdezVocals (2011-present)
See also: AdamantiaAssignmentDream Child, ex-Bizarro, ex-Legión, ex-Azeroth, ex-Dhak, ex-Eidyllion, ex-Helker, ex-Iron Mask, ex-Lethal, ex-Lord Divine, ex-Lords of Black, ex-RetroSatan, ex-Skiltron, ex-Triddana, ex-Anublar Cetro, ex-Angelus, ex-Hipnosis, ex-Thrasher
Diego RodríguezBass (2014-present)
See also: Triddana
Alex EmersonGuitars (2018-present)

Past Members :

JDBass, Guitars, Vocals
See also: Negative-Zen, ex-Continuum 144, ex-The Hell Candidates
David JacksonBass, Vocals (?-2012)
Juan José FornésGuitars (?-2015)
See also: Triddana, ex-Magika, ex-Sèlidor, ex-Skiltron
Mark MathiasenGuitars, Vocals (formerly also keyboards)
See also: Pain Field
Mano McConnellKeyboards, Vocals
Dave NelsonVocals (formerly also guitars)
See also: Saint
Mauro TranzacionesGuitars (2015-?)

One thought on “Electro Nomicon: Unleashing The Sadhows-2013.

  1. metal.de
    Markus Endres.

    Electro_Nomicon – Unleashing The Shadows
    The band name is a deterrent and actually misleading. ELECTRO_NOMICON do neither electro nor techno, come from Seattle and play, no, not grunge either, but traditional, melodic Heavy / Power Metal. “Unleashing The Shadows” is their debut album and shows a band that has matured quite a bit.

    What is immediately noticeable is the strong vocals. Diego Valdez, also active in HELKER, has a really beautiful, emotional voice that reminds a little of Ronnie James Dio (RIP). ELECTRO_NOMICON also know how to convince instrumentally. The Metal isn’t just good melodic, the gentlemen also like to show their muscles with Thrash sprinkles here and there. Especially the massive opener “The Art Of Destruction” is bursting with power, but also has catchy melodies and catchy refrains. Other highlights are the stomping mid-tempo number “Waiting”, the grooving, rocking “Do You Remember” with a piano beginning, which is somewhat reminiscent of AXEL RUDI PELL, the dramatic rock ballad “Fly Away”, which sounds a bit like CIRCLE II CIRCLE , as well as the closing, upbeat “Pieces Of A Dream”. You notice at every corner and edge, that ELECTRO_NOMICON have a lot of talent, which is also shown by the polished but song-serving guitar solos. And it sounds very authentic how typical Heavy Metal, Power and Thrash Metal merge with Hard Rock in a compact way. In addition to the groups mentioned, MASTERPLAN and ASTRAL DOORS should also be mentioned as comparisons. Great idea!

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