Deathcrush: Under Serpents Reign-2022.

Deathcrush:Brutal Death Black Metal from Italy.


Prophecy of DeathSingle2004 
Hard RealityDemo2004 
Extreme Claustrophobic TerrorDemo2007 
4 Way to Scream Your HateSplit2009 
Collective Brain InfektionFull-length2013 
Spreading the PestLive album2019 
Under Serpents ReignFull-length2022


Giampiero SerraDrums (2003-present)
See also: Infernal GoatZora, ex-Necromessiah
Andrea SechiGuitars (2003-present)
Luigi CaraVocals, Bass (2003-present)
See also: CinerariumMalignant DefecationSpell of Decay, ex-Calvary, ex-Smashhead, ex-Worstenemy, ex-Ghjttatura (live)

Past Members:

Ivan CartaGuitars (2003-2005)See also: ex-Proud of That

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