Mortal Strike: For The Loud And The Aggressive-2014.

Mortal Strike: Thrash Metal from Austria.


Here Comes the TankDemo2011
Unleash the Hounds of WarEP2012 
For the Loud and the AggressiveFull-length2014
Thrashing Death SquadSplit2021


ChrirGuitars (rhythm) (2009-present)
See also: ex-Vicarivs Filii Dei (live), ex-Birth of Horus, ex-Selfcontrol, ex-Treefish
Max ScheiberDrums (2012-present)
EtziGuitars (lead) (2012-present)
See also: ex-Scumshot
MoritzBass (2018-present)
See also: Titan Killer
Martin R.Vocals (2019-present)

Past Members:

AdiBass (2009-2013)
FelixDrums (2009-2012)
See also: Gates of Sleep
MaddinGuitars (lead) (2009-2012)
Matthias GerstlVocals (lead) (2009-2018)
Dominique HeineBass (2014-2018)
See also: CatastrofearLocracy, ex-The Negative Bias (live), ex-Tulsadoom (live)

One thought on “Mortal Strike: For The Loud And The Aggressive-2014.

  1. Felix 1666, February 7th, 2016

    I listened to the first seconds of the spontaneous opener, realised the quality of the production and the fundamental compositional approach and I knew that this album will make my day. Dominating guitars that fire generic old-school riffs without allowing us to pause for breath, staccato shouting and flogging drums are always a good combination. A cover version of Tankard’s “Zombie Attack” points in the right direction, too. Due to the (sometimes) specific relationship between Austrians and Germans, it is remarkable that the guys from Vienna play this song. Unfortunately, they forgot to lend this classic their personal touch. After all, the song roughly defines the spiritual roots of the Austrians and debutants have the right to praise their idols. No doubt, these 46 minutes of furious metal must be carefully inspected. By the way, the same goes for the artistically arranged logo of the gang.

    If the members of a band form a strong unit, good results are nearly a matter of course. In the case of Mortal Strike, every cog intermeshes almost perfectly with the next one. Nevertheless, it is a matter of taste whether one likes or dislikes the tunes. But nobody can ignore that the interplay of the protagonists works flawlessly. They prioritise the issue above personal interests and the issue is the creation of coherent thrash metal songs. And, to get back to the question of taste, I belong to the fraction that appreciates the vast majority of their powerful tracks. Mortal Strike are credible representatives of the genre’s primordial spirit. The guitar work, for example, does not impress with completely new tricks, but the guitarists know exactly which tools they must use in order to create a thrash explosion. Rasping and abrasive sequences, galloping sections, a short yet blatantly obvious homage to Bolt Thrower at the beginning of the tenth track, sharp riffs, edgy lines – what more do we need?

    A vigorous lead singer, for instance. No problem, the guy at the microphone seems to be a natural born thrash vocalist. His charismatic performance enriches the songs considerably. Without leaving the usual scope of thrash metal vocals, he impresses with his powerful way of proceeding and sometimes he sounds a little bit like the muscular brother of Mille. Basically, the entire band operates within the normal frame and is not interested in science and research. Instead, the guys preach the well known dogmas that pioneers like Exodus established. From my point of view, these dogmas are still valid. Of course, every artist is free to play another form of thrash metal. The only problem is that he will create a bastard which will have not much in common with the cherished specifics of the sub genre. (Now or never, it is time to say: death to false metal!) Mortal Strike avoid external influences. Without being afraid of offering some extremely catchy choruses, they juggle with the typical characteristics of thrash in a brilliant manner. I am just surprised that especially the piece with the promising title “Outburst of Fury” provides a melody-dominated part. But don’t worry, it is also equipped with straight eruptions that do not intend to confuse me with an overdose of harmonies.

    Mortal Strike have penned an album whose song material relies on a very strong fundament. It consists of three supporting pillars, namely maturity, ferocity and homogeneity. With regard to the latter, it comes as no surprise that the debut displays a constant flow. Throwaway tracks do not dim the mood. But some songs stand out positively due to an extra portion of high class riffs. “Strike” and “One Against All”, placed on the seventh and eighth position of the running order, deliver nine minutes of absolutely flawless thrash. But efficient grenades like “MG 42” (its guitars cause multiple stab wounds) and “Smash the Tyrants – Storm the Gates” also leave nothing else but a crater landscape. Not to mention the double strike at the end of the album. Generally speaking, the first half of the debut is good, the second half is even better. But, as said above, the aforementioned pieces are just the icing on the cake, because each and every song is meticulously designed. However, my first thought was right: this album made my day. Let’s hope that Mortal Strike pursue their way unswervingly. Greetings to the capital of Austria.


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