Mörbid Carnage: Night Assassins-2010.

Mörbid Carnage:Thrash Metal from Hungary.


Thrash Legions HungarySplit2008 
Night AssassinsFull-length2010
Live in Blue HellVideo2010 
Merciless ConquestFull-length2012 
The Golden SinEP2015 
Southland FistEP2017 
Glory to Satan SoldiersEP2019


ChurchburnerGuitars (2007-present)
See also: CoffinbornFagyhamu
BlasphemyVocals, Drums(2007-2019) (2007-present)
See also: AhrimanCoffinbornFagyhamuHexenwoodMilitiaRothadásTyrant Goatgaldrakona, ex-Masqim Xul
DisgusterGuitars (2008-present)
See also: CoffinbornCryptwormRothadásTyrant Goatgaldrakona, ex-Buried Remains, ex-Necrosodomy, ex-Goblin Gore, ex-Gravecrusher, ex-Flood Has Come
WarlockGuitars (lead) (2015-present)
ReaperBass (2017-present)
StormDrums (2019-present)
See also: AhrimanAthameDamnationEvil’s TearsFallKerecsenSólyomSentio Ergo Sum, ex-Aetherius Obscuritas, ex-Merculystaria

Past Members:

NecrofaustBass (2007-2016)
See also: ex-Concrete, ex-Limb for a Limb
ObscurityGuitars (2007-2008)
See also: KuthYgfan, ex-Fagyhamu

One thought on “Mörbid Carnage: Night Assassins-2010.

  1. Mörbid Carnage – Night Assassins.
    ThrashManiacAYD, June 5th, 2010

    Mörbid Carnage, you say? Morbid, carnage? Surely there is no more metal name than what these thrashing Hungarians have chosen for themselves. And with an umlaut too? Oh behave! Underneath this veneer of uber-metal dedication we have a band dedicated to the core to thrash metal and another one sitting right in the middle of the recent trend for reviving everything that kicked and thrash in the mid-late 80s with their debut album “Night Assassins”.

    One listen to “Night Assassins” will tell you all you need to know about the style being attempted here. It’s all about the classic thrash template recently stabbed and hacked at by Warbringer, the closest in sound to Mörbid Carnage of the pack currently somewhat making up the A-list of the revivalist bands. Think a passionate performance akin to Kreator’s “Terrible Certainty” played out at breakneck speed, rasping vocals, tongue in cheek lyrics and serious amounts of beer and metal being consumed in the rehearsal room practices. Finding factors of their output that separates Mörbid Carnage from their contemporaries is difficult considering the severe artistic limitations within this style but if the current crop of thrashers were ranked on passion and energy these guys would be near the top. With 4 of the 7 songs reaching at least 5 and a half minutes the band have allowed themselves time to add more detail to the songs; a point they may not have met in variation but the extra time does at least earn an opportunity to repeat some of the structures found within each song.

    For the full 36 minutes of this album Mörbid Carnage keep the thrashometer well and truly in the red, wasting no time in smashing you repeatedly with their chops and creating the high energy environment key to this genre. Naturally the overall lack of variation and absence of any jaw-dropping riffs limits the albums’ potential to old school thrash fans only but you can be well sure that this material has the enjoyment factor within suited to put on a quality live performance should they get to bring it outside Hungary.

    Originally written for http://www.Rockfreaks.net


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