Fusion Bomb: Concrete Jungle-2019.

Fusion Bomb:Thrash Metal from Luxenbourg.


You’re a Cancer to This WorldSingle2018 
Concrete JungleFull-length2019


Scott ThrashDrums (2010-present)
See also: ex-Mindpatrol
Miguel TexasrangerGuitars, Vocals (2010-present)
See also: Dystopian Fear, ex-Mindpatrol
Michel NippelBass, Vocals (2011-present)
Luc BohrGuitars (2018-present)

Past Members:

MijlGuitars (lead) (2010-2012)
Tun DaGuitars (2011-2018)

One thought on “Fusion Bomb: Concrete Jungle-2019.

  1. Fusion Bomb – Concrete Junjgle.
    Orbitball, May 7th, 2019
    Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Iron Shield Records

    The ENERGY just doesn’t let-up with this band! This release is solid the whole way through. It’s simply a true abomination of thrash metal domination. It definitely is upon one of 2019’s great releases especially in the realm of thrash metal. I haven’t heard this good of an album from a more modern band nowadays. They keep to their roots and it’s an onslaught of terror and chunky guitar. The music and vocals flows well here. Totally an annihilation and what they play is the whole album itself. There’s no letting up in the intensity. It’s full force all the way through the album. Of course there are slow bits but the guitar dominates it all.

    There’s a tint of the band Forbidden in the vocals, but only it’s audible if you pay careful attention to Forbidden’s old vocalist and Fusion Bomb. But both have their own style. There’s definitely a hint of them in there though, but not so much the music. Fusion Bomb is a little more intense and aggressive. The tempos vary but it keeps the listener in key to what they’re playing on here. There’s a definite old school vibe to them, but all the energy in the world with their own material. I liked all the songs because I felt that the songs all had something to contribute to the album. They just are superior to a lot of thrash metal bands especially for a debut!

    The production is a little raw but you can hear the guitars totally the only thing you couldn’t hear as well is the bass. It’s a little tough to hear it except if you are wearing ear buds. The vocals just wipe you out and the songs are totally energetic. The riffs are unique and they all make the album worth hearing more and more of. It’s kind of like “what’s going to happen next?” It really is my question which is basically “are they going to let up?” The answer is a resounding, “no!” I like in some songs they have back up vocals. Not in all the songs, just some. And yeah, the metal doesn’t stop flowing…

    If you’ve never heard of Fusion Bomb, my deepest sympathy. You can make them a known by downloading their music. Their songs are available of Spotify, I’m not sure about YouTube. You can always check. I purchased this CD I liked it so much. It wasn’t cheap. But I’m supporting the band and supporting the scene. You can do yourself justice by downloading their music and listening to this album closely. Do my arguments hold true? Well, you’ll be able to see if my uttering of this album holds merit. I’m sure that if you’re a true metal fan, you’ll find the genius in their songwriting. OWN THIS ALBUM!


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