Andi The Wicked: Sexually Transmitted Mojo-2022.

Andi The Wicked:Instrumental Heavy Metal from Germany.


Freak on FretsEP2014 
Sexually Transmitted MojoFull-length2022


Andi the WickedAll instruments (2011-present)
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One thought on “Andi The Wicked: Sexually Transmitted Mojo-2022.

  1. Juergen S.·March 9, 2022·
    Andi The Wicked – Sexually Transmitted Mojo

    Artist: Andi The Wicked

    Origin: Germany

    Album: Sexually Transmitted Mojo

    Genre: Instrumental Metal

    Game length: 47:15 minutes

    Release: 11.03.2022

    Label: ACFM Records


    Band Members:

    Guitar – Andi Dötsch
    Drums (Recording) – Jan Hinz


    Staccato Mayhem
    Just A Tale
    Sexually Transmitted Mojo
    The Wicked Interlude
    Four Chapters
    The Classical Part Act II
    Heavy Blues
    Too Dumb To Quit
    Drunk And Dirty Guitar Solo

    On March 11th, 2022 Andi The Wicked ‘s second solo album entitled Sexually Transmitted Mojo will be released by ACFM Records , which will be available on CD. Now some non-connoisseurs of the metal scene in Koblenz will ask themselves: Who the fuck is Andi the wicked ? My answer: I’m living next door to Andi . Not exactly next door to Andi , but quite close.

    Behind Andi The Wicked is Andreas Dötsch , a musician who is well-known at least in the Koblenz underground, among other things through his participation in Steelpreacher , or The Wicked Chambers and Wolfen , for whom he has already worked the strings. Sexually Transmitted Mojo is the second guitar solo album by Andi The Wicked after Freak On Frets .

    This turned out to be really great and here too I quote, as last time on the solo album by Gus G. , the almighty master Frank Zappa (RIP): “Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar.” Andi The Wicked shows on the album that he not only understands his craft, but can also implement this very professionally on his stringed axe.

    There are nine tracks that await the listener on Sexually Transmitted Mojo , ok actually only eight, because The Wicked Interlude is only what the name suggests and therefore not an independent song in the true sense.

    The album, which, according to Andi , has its origins in a conversation with the urologist, begins with the song Staccato Mayhem , which is really catchy and already shows the skills of the musician, who has been playing the instrument for twenty years. The song really rocks.

    The following Just A Tale is not just a story, but an exciting and very melodic song! A power ballad that grows into a hard metal song.

    As already mentioned, in the title song Sexually Transmitted Mojo , our protagonist sets his dialogue with his urologist to music. The young man seems to have been under a lot of pressure, which he simply has to give free rein to. There seems to have been a lot of heavy metal discussed…

    The Wicked Interlude is superbly performed on acoustic guitar with a Spanish touch. She pleases us for just a minute. Personally, I could have listened longer. maybe he gives me a living room concert, I would even do a live review!

    As Andi told me in the interview, the Interlude is not actually a transition to Four Chapters , but a Prelude, i.e. an introduction to the song. With Four Chapters comes a mega song, my favorite on the album, a song in four chapters. It is a whole ten epic minutes and fascinates in four chapters.

    The title The Classical Part Act II stands for itself. According to Andi The Wicked , this song is already fifteen years old and was still waiting in its slumber for a suitable release. Now he has seen the light of day and impresses with great classic approaches that are even reminiscent of a bumblebee flight. Great (classical) guitar cinema, what he brings here. After this classic part there is a cut and the man shows that he can also play bluesy. This then with a heavy touch in the song Heavy Blues .

    To conclude, Too Dumb To Quit is another real Heavy Metal number. For the time being, because as a bonus, Drunk And Dirty Guitar Solo comes with a really great number. This is a live number from the Masters Of Underground DVD Recording g . That was the idea of ​​Jan Müller (label boss of ACFM Records ), who wanted to have it, as Andi told me in the interview. You can read the full interview with Andi The Wicked here .


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