Lost World Order: Parasites-2012.

Lost World Order:Thrash Death Metal from Germany.


This Apparatus Must Be Earthed!Full-length2008 


See also: Powergame, ex-Spectre Dragon
See also: PowergameVyre, ex-Armageddon, ex-Fluoryne, ex-Eïs, ex-Funeral Procession, ex-Spectre Dragon, ex-Eismalsott, ex-Enid (live), ex-Geïst
See also: Vyre, ex-Enid (live), ex-Demon in a Manger, ex-Eïs, ex-Spectre Dragon, ex-Geïst
MatGuitars, Vocals
See also: Powergame, ex-Eïs, ex-Spectre Dragon, ex-Geïst

One thought on “Lost World Order: Parasites-2012.

  1. Mangy, mangy I would say. What the Bielefeld Thrash Maniacs are shooting at our ears with their third album is without question worthy of all honor. Packed anew in their very own story of the end of time, LOST WORLD ORDER rattle their thoroughly honest mixture of classic Bay Area fare and dirty German Thrash attitude of the 80s around the rags.
    That can do something, from front to back! Brilliance is taboo, that’s why there’s ten numbers full of stuff in your face. The riffs edge violently, the melodies and grooves invite you to a collective moshpit, and the vocals present themselves as a comfortably formed mixture of dirty mille, mangy smear and some more melodic American heroes. What more do you want? If the shelves of the metal departments weren’t already full of an almost unmanageable density of good old-school thrash releases, LOST WORLD ORDER and their mangy 80s thrash identity could almost be praised to the skies.

    LOST WORLD ORDER shine with raw energy, authenticity that travels with them and an attitude that is somewhere in the middle between much-cited role models named EXODUS , SLAYER , KREATORor DESTRUCTION settled . The fact that all this doesn’t happen over the full length of the album on creative strokes of genius doesn’t matter at all. Thrashers don’t necessarily want to be challenged. The community is always happy to be spooned through the halls by well-known, tried-and-tested concepts, and that’s exactly what “Parasites” offers them . Rather, one is always happy about a well-dosed mixture of grooves, melody, some very cool guitar solos, crisp refrains and raw brute force, from a finely seasoned mix of rough screaming, some wild growls and melodic thrash vocals brand US of A and (at least as far as I’m concerned)especially about the fact that the beat is always finely mixed from full throttle to throttled mid-tempo without creating boredom.

    Would you like to hear samples? The unleashed, awesome opener “Before The Light” , the almost 7-minute monster “Shadows At The Graveyard” , the groovy “Parasites” with rebellious OVERKILL/LAAZ ROCKIT attitude or the solemn intoned mosh monster “Resurrection (Of The Order)” should totally enough to take LOST WORLD ORDER to heart.
    Then you can easily overlook one or the other smaller hitch at the end of the album, because at the latest when you still have the final song”Merciles (a brutal finale)” is allowed to scold, then the willing customer will know very quickly where the hammer is anyway.

    LOST WORLD ORDER have two fat balls hanging in their crotch and a no less fat piece of old-school Thrash Metal at the ready. These guys are hungry, playful and aggressive. You can hear that on every single track, every second, and that’s exactly why Thrash Maniacs “Parasites” have to drag themselves home without any detours!

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