Atomwinter: Atomic Death Metal-2012.

Atomwinter:Death Metal from Germany.


Atomic Death MetalFull-length2012 
Death DoominationEP2013 
Another PainSingle2014 
Iron FleshFull-length2015 
Atomwinter / Collapse InstinctSplit2018


Martin S.Bass (2010-present)
Benni G.Guitars (2010-present)
See also: ex-Rebellion, ex-Nonhumental
Patrick W.Drums (2011-present)
See also: ex-The Autumn’s Bleeding
Florian BauerVocals (2020-present)
See also: Burden of GriefHellforceTimor et Tremor, ex-Twilight Prophecies

Past Members:

Stefan C.Drums (2010-2011)
Norbert S.Guitars (2010-2014)
See also: Psychotool, ex-SoulBleed
Christopher L.Vocals (2010-2014)
O. HolzschneiderVocals (2014-2020)
See also: ex-The Atmosfear

One thought on “Atomwinter: Atomic Death Metal-2012.

  1. Atomic Winter � “Atomic Death Metal”

    In-house production/ Date: April 13, 2012
    Review By Surtr

    Nuclear winter! Heck, why are all these good bands springing up like asparagus for the season? Old school Death Metal is back in vogue, and not just in Swedish, Polish or American climes. Germany proves to be no less powerful with bands like “Revel in Flesh”, “December Flower” and “Beyond”.
    But the G�ttinger �Atomwinter�, whose demo has already awakened my ears, pluck angel harps for the lover of brute simplicity. At least two tracks from said demo made it onto the album, but the other works are definitely in no way inferior to the specially raised bar:

    You can be perfectly happy after the first tones. Menacing cellophones ring in the first riff of “Sentinels of Doom and Horror” which, interrupted by a first grunt, descends into a wild frenzy. The middle of the song is slowed down. And soon a beautiful Doom passage appears, after which the game begins again. Perfect start. Asphyx say hello again. The fact that the gentlemen make no secret of it doesn’t even remotely detract from the whole thing.
    After that, “Ghouls of the Pit” rages with uffta-uffta beat and hearty double-bass attacks, which lets a feeling of Grave appear but also reveals an individuality in the melody strand.

    “Entering the Gates”, on the other hand, is the “hit” of the album. Perfectly worked out songwriting and arrangement prove the potency of Atomwinter. Riffs from hell, a captivating groove, raging growls. What more do you want? In addition, a sing-a-long refrain and the shredding part that starts after 2 minutes, Asphyx would have liked to have had that on their album (apropos: this song happened to be running in shuffle mode right after �Deathhammer� by Asphyx. Perfect match).
    Afterwards, the well-known “In Remembrance of Death” from the demo, which above all makes one thing clear: mid-tempo is a force! Without quick trick riffs and blast grenades, this masterpiece achieves much more brutality, slower and simpler than it could succeed with the mentioned technical proofs.

    “The Crypt is Calling” teases you with the (again simple) drums that combine the perfect groove, stomping attacks and double bass parts to propel the song into a driving force.
    “Howling Wind of Sorrow”, on the other hand, turns out to be more of a “filler” on the album and not a “killer” like the previous songs.
    But it doesn’t matter, because “Hordes of Desecration” comes up with the almost trademark-sounding stomping part and flirts with a mixture of slow chords plus blast parts. The old school is in this song like no other. Great tribute to simplicity.

    The beginning of �Desecration of Dead Bodies� is quick. The riffing is a bit more varied here. Nevertheless, bolt-thrower double bass and nasty groove rhythms dominate again along with a simple examination of the well-known basic guitar tone. It doesn’t really matter that Atomwinter don’t have any gifted solo guitarists in their squad, but they should have taken it to heart with the short lick interlude and left out the mini-solo. That wasn’t exactly fitting.

    The end of the album is the well-known “Necrotic Way of Life” from the demo, which blasting and chord-controlled brings a light attitude of Black Metal into battle and heavy and dark the album comes down to a common denominator towards the end brings, which has already found its place in the Bloodbath debut ep: “Brutality comes through Simplicity”.

    Atomwinter are a group to be taken seriously, as they proved with their fat yet bone-dry production. “Atomic Death Metal” isn’t just a statement because of the name. Appealing Death Metal is found here, featuring catchy songs while invoking what Death Metal is all about. Nasty vocals that don’t seek protection in the incomprehensibility but dash straight ahead. Guitars that sound evil. Guitars that sizzle and slaughter. From the first to the last tone. In addition a pumping bass that makes pressure and a drum kit that rumbles and hits like a bomb. There is no suicide by bragging about technology. No sweep solo adventures and 16/29 bar tweaks are launched here. On the contrary: Death Metal is made here. The way he has to be.


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